Case study 1009 . – Complete Chart reading

Case study 1009 . –  Rahu  [ 8 ]  in stronger than Jupiter  [ 5 ]   with Mercury  [ 4 ]   in detriment

Complete Chart reading (see post no. 46) (Click!!)

    Steps for Analysis

_ Locate the Zodiac of ASC (the 1st house) in Natal chart.
_ Locate each of 10 planets and justify its quality in each house.

_Justify relationship between Planet-ASC and Planet-Planet in terms of aspect (Conjunction, Opposition, Sextile, Trine), mutual condition (Friendly Pairs, Element Pairs, Kindred Pairs, Enmity Pairs) and impact to quality of each planet.  This step is the most crucial for other steps.

_Justify and relocate the position of ASC if necessary, based on the most dominant planet compared with personality of the native such as talkative, thoughtful etc. (You can skip this step prior to gaining sufficient experience.) 

_Describe general findings that appear in natal chart to the native


 – ASC in Aquarius

The 1st house (Tanu)

– Mars, Jupiter, and Rahu are in conjunction with ASC

– Mars in Post-Exaltation, Jupiter is normal, Rahu in Domicile

– Mars and Jupiter in Kindred Pairs, Mars and Rahu in Air element pairs can enhance their strengths.

     Explanation. –

Conjunctions amongst Mars, Jupiter and Rahu can enhance their strengths mildly but such strength cannot be measured in terms of percentage.

The 2nd house (Kadhumpa)

     The Moon (Exaltation) has no aspect to ASC or to other planets and has no relationship with other planets either.  Then, the Moon cannot enhance or reduce strength of other planets. The native does not appear as sweet or charming manner as quality of the Moon does not impact to ASC.

The 5th house (Putta)

        Uranus which trines and has 50% impact to ASC will cause volatile qualities of Mars, Jupiter, Rahu, and ASC. The native’s character will be bipolar, mood swing, mysterious, introverted, and elusive (50%). / The native with Mars (in Post-Exaltation) – Jupiter conjunction will be generally in good health.

        However, with influenced by Uranus, the native ’s health will be unstable and can experience severe sickness or accident. / Jupiter represents justice and consciousness. With influenced by Uranus, the native will be injustice, unconsciousness, credulity, and delusive / Rahu represents enchantment, trickery, and cheat.

With influenced by Uranus, the native will be tricky, deceitful or a sly. However, sometimes the native can be fooled by trickery of be foolish tricky.

        Uranus opposites to Mercury in his fall and the 11th house (Labha – Sagittarius) which has 80% impact to ASC. Uranus will enhance bad quality of Mercury. The native will be variegated, fastidious, whiny, and grumbling and inauspicious (despite in aspect to ASC).

The 6th house (Ari)

        Ketu opposites to the Sun (Chula Chakra) and Venus (Devi Yoga) with 80% impact.

/ in sextile with the Moon (Exaltation) and Saturn (Pre-Exaltation) with 60% impact. These relationships enhance their strengths both better and worsen qualities. However, this formation has no aspect to ASC and then no impact to.

The 8th house (Marana)Saturn (Pre-Exaltation) has no aspect to ASC but is in aspect with The Moon, The Sun, Venus and Ketu. Saturn and Venus are in Enmity Pairs.  Stronger Saturn reduces quality of both Venus (Davi Yoga) and Ketu. However, Venus gains some power from the Sun (Chula Chakra – Kindred Pairs) and her quality has little impacted by Saturn.

Saturn trines the Moon without any pair relationship. The strength of Saturn is enhanced by the Sun (Chula Chakra, Fire element Pairs) but reduced by Venus (Enmity Pairs) and then final impact is squared out.

The 11th house (Labha) 

Mercury is detriment and in sextile with ASC (60% impact) / Mercury and Rahu in Enmity Pairs but weak Mercury slightly reduces strength of Rahu/ Therefore, Mercury-Uranus in opposition shows prominent impact.

      The above analysis is the basic process in chart reading however the justification of strength is just estimation not accurate measurement because other factors must be considered. However, to repeat the process till getting familiar with will practice deliberately view.

      Justification ASC position.

-Correct. The native is talkative but fussy, talks badly, likes to gossip (Sextile with detrimental Mercury), is stubborn and doesn’t listen to anyone and cunning (Conjunct with Rahu in own domicile)

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