Case study 1009 . – Complete Chart reading (2)

    Chart reading process:

1. What zodiac sign does ASC locate?

      – Aquarius

2. What are planets in conjunction with ASC? Dominant traits are defined according to such planets and their qualities. How will the overall life be successful? (Look at the quality of the planets) (Just leave this process if there is no planets in conjunction with ASC)

      -Mars, Jupiter, Rahu are in conjunction with ASC. The native has a strong personality, intolerant (Mars), a bit stubborn, does not believe in anyone, does not listen to anyone (Rahu), overall life can be easily successful.

Steady growth (Mars in Pre-Exaltation) and gradually (Rahu in its Domicile), Good at working with government and getting support from senior level (Jupiter in conjunction).

3. What planet is the 1st house’s ruler (Tanu-lak)?  Which house that rulership planet locates? The inherent nature of the native will be described by that rulership planet. The native will relate with or give importance to the issues that represented by the house that the rulership planet locates in.

       -Rahu is the 1st house’s ruler (Tanu-lak). The native’s true nature is stubborn (for no reason) and may be obsessed with something. With conjunction to ASC, the native is apparently enchantment, sly, crafty person. The native is also self-center, caring of himself before others, selfish person.

4. Delineate strength of planets from the qualities of 1st house’s ruler (Tanu-lak) and of planets that are in conjunction with ASC.

          -This horoscope is quite strong.  Rahu as 1st house’ ruler (Tanu-lak) in its own domicile and ASC is in conjunction with Mars, Jupiter and Rahu, all of good quality.

The native expresses strong personality both inherent and appearance and will be successful easily. This is only preliminary justification. For details, further justification on planets and transit is required.

5. Delineate Tanu-sed which represents general habits of the native.  Try to simplify meanings and don’t explain too much because other factors must be considered.

          – With the Sun as Tanu-sed, the native is arrogant, self-center, does not tolerate with losing credibility or dignity.

6. Delineate the native’s character from planets in aspect to ASC (conjunction, opposition, sextile and trine respectively).

           – Considering planets in conjunction with ASC, Mars represents hard, direct, diligent character/ Jupiter represents soft-hearted and sympathetic person/ Rahu represents smart but cunning (Rahu is stronger than Jupiter). Rahu in own domicile implies more cunning at old age.

/ With Uranus-ASC in trine the native is moody, mysterious, sometimes reckless, volatile morality, and can do wrong things / With Mercury in fall and in sextile with ASC, the native speaks unsoundly, is fastidious and whiny.

7. Delineate planets that have no aspect to ASC. This step is more difficult to justify and should carry on when getting more experience.

With the Moon in Exaltation but no aspect to ASC, the native cannot express sweet and good manners but will express strong character of Mars (in conjunction with ASC) / With Saturn (Pre-Exaltation) in the 8th house (Marana), the thoughtfulness and planning of the native cannot be applied in practice.

The native cannot follow the plan and have difficulty in land issues, difficult work, damage, or unlucky outcome. / With the Sun (Chula Chakra) in 12th house (Vinashana), the native cannot express his arrogance and dignity to outsiders.

/ With Venus (Devi Yoga) in the 12th house, the native cannot express his imagination and fantasies to outsiders.

8. Delineate other houses in orders by locating planets in each house. What that planet is, where it comes from, or what house it goes to, how quality it is.  There are a lot of details to talk about, sorted by important houses such as the 7th (Patni) , the 2nd house (Kadhumpa), the 10th house (Karma), the 3rd house (Sahajjha), etc. (Same justification with the 1st house (Tanu) but fewer details)

             -the 7th house (partnership) has no planet. the Sun (Chula Chakra) which is its ruler locates in the 12th house. The native will have good partner or couple but later the relationship will be breakup or in separation.

            -the 2nd house (financial, property) has no planet. / Jupiter which is its ruler has slightly better quality than normal (from above analysis) is in conjunction with ASC. The native is good at saving money and preserve his wealth. On extreme case, the native will be a miser or sticky.

            -the 10th house (work) has Mercury and is in opposite to Uranus. The native will have big change in his work or career once or several times in his life / With Jupiter which is its ruler in conjunction to ASC, the native always has work to do no matter the native want to do or not. The native is also a diligent person (Mars), but not workaholic (the ruler of the 1st house (Tanu-lak) and the 10th house (Karma) has no relationship)

            -the 3rd house (friend) has no planet / With Mars (Post-Exaltation)-ASC conjunction, the native has good friends coming to visit or depend regularly.

       Prediction of the Career.-

        Delineate suitable careers by considering dominant planets both single and composite planets.

        Dominant planets of the native are Mars (Post-Exaltation), Rahu (Domicile) and Jupiter (slightly stronger than normal).

The appropriate careers are represented by meanings of such planets including technician and athlete (but Uranus-Mars in aspect may cause health problems and should be avoided these careers / Management, Communications, Speculation (Rahu) / teacher and government service (Jupiter)

         Careers that the native can do well but inauspicious (Page 185) are represented by the Venus (Davi Yoga), the Moon (Exaltation), the Sun (Chula Chakra).   /The Moon has no concrete meaning for any career / With Venus and the Sun in the 12th house (Vinashana), career related to Venus (art and beautiful things) and Sun (gold) will not be sustainable.

/ Saturn in Pre-Exaltation will gain some strength in careers that relate to hard working, difficult work, housing, Real Estate, Agriculture, Land, Shrimp farming, etc.

         **(Auspiciousness is a neutral word. When it is positive it is called “auspicious”. When it is negative it is called “inauspicious”.)  Page 185 / 190 / 191 / 197 / 205 …**Paperback

         However, given Saturn in the 8th House (house of the Death), these careers can cause damage without return any benefit to the native.

        Expertise in any profession is determined by high-quality planets including Mars (technician and sportsman), Rahu (trick, gambling), Jupiter (religion), Venus (art), in either single or composite planets.

        Real life information. –

        The native is a man, serving the government with continual advancement and high-ranking position on his retirement. On his retirement, he owns several plots of inherited land and operates a small hotel business.

        His personality is impatient, irritable, greedy, selfish, stingy, cunning, often taking advantage of people and slandering. He pretends to be rich by use his high-ranking position to defraud other people.

He used to fraudulently borrow title deeds of his relative’s land plot to borrow other people’s money. That land plot was confiscated and the case went to the lawsuit but ended up with losing case.

        Indeed, he has a lot of debt due to his wife who spent money on several infertile projects and he trusts his wife so much. Despite frequently quarrel and conflict with his wife and leading to divorce, he later reconciled and remarried 3 times with her.

        Health: He has many congenital diseases. But with his stubbornness, he refuses to take medicine and has been carried to the hospital many times without any fear.

In summary, this horoscope is correct in all aspects and the stories are beyond imagination including his hypocrisy, deception and on financial status.

       (Translated and edited by 28 August 2021, Sittidath Prasertrungruang,

Case study 1009 . – Complete Chart reading

Case study 1010.- Rahu [ 8] is stronger than Jupiter [ 5] 

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