Case study 1050.- Weak financial planet (Native)

Case study 1050.- Weak financial planet (Native) with strong financial planet (spouse)

      Justify ASC position. – Correct. The native seldom talks (Mercury without aspect to ASC), is diligent (Mars in aspect to ASC)/is endurance for difficult work (Saturn-ASC conjunction)

    Chart reading process:

ASC in Virgo

The Moon, Jupiter and Saturn are in conjunction. The native is gentle with decent manner (The Moon in Raja Yoga)/ kind, compassionate, sympathetic, and virtuous (Jupiter in Detriment, Sub-Domicile, Tanu-sed)/ enduring, hardworking, pondering, and careful, inactive (Saturn in Pre-Exaltation).

Mercury is the 1st house’s ruler (Tanu-lak). The native’s true nature is thorough. With Tanu-lak in the 4th house (Bandhu), the native will give importance to the native’s family and relatives before anything else.

This horoscope is strong due to strong planets in conjunction with ASC and strong Tanu-lak. Life will be successful easily on issues described by planets without any effort (Raja Yoga)/ highly stable (Pre-Exaltation)/ gradually (Sub-Domicile)/ slight decline (Detriment). / The native needs to beware of health and accident issues as Uranus in aspect to Tanu-lak (Mercury).

The native is in good health due to strong horoscope/ Mars (planet of health) in Exaltation has no aspect to Uranus (0) but needs to beware of health and accident as mentioned above.

Jupiter is Tanu-sed and the native is virtuous/ not cheating anyone.Considering planets in aspect to ASC: The native is diligent, openly, straightforward, logical, impatient, and active (Mars in Exaltation and in trine to ASC)/ careful and deliberate and slow movement (Saturn)/ after pondering and making decision, the native will be impatient and active (Mars)/ smart, tricky, courage, mildly stubborn without reason, in obsession with somethings (Rahu).

However, Jupiter (in conjunction with ASC) will recall the native’s consciousness. Jupiter as Tanu-sed (virtuous) will restrain negative impact from Rahu (Chula Chakra)-ASC in sextile. The native is imaginative person with fanciful and bizarre art (Venus in Detriment).

Considering planets without aspect to ASC: – the native is arrogant, dignity, formality but seldom express these characters (the Sun in Devi Yogi without aspect to ASC). Moreover, with Mercury (Tanu-lak) in conjunction with the Sun and Ketu in opposition to, these qualities are enhanced and more observable.

Delineating other houses in orders: –

      The 2nd house (Kadhumpa/Financial, Property) has Uranus (0). The native’s financial status and wealth are volatile and not stable due to the native’s squandering. With Venus, its ruling planet in Detriment, the native’s properties will not be secured and declining. With the 2nd house’s ruling planet in the 3rd house, the native’s money will be spent for friends.

     The 7th house (Patni/Partners) has no planet. With Jupiter, its ruling planet in Detriment and in conjunction with ASC, the native’s spouse will be a burden of the native to care for.

     The 10th house (Karma/Work) has Ketu. With Mercury (Detriment, Sub-Domicile) in the 4th house (Bandhu), the native’s career will not be secured. The native often delegate persons in the native’s family or relatives to work for.

     The 11th house (Labha/Fortune) has Rahu (Chula Chakra). The native will have good fortune on lottery, speculation in stock market, gambling, and mischief. With the Moon (Raja Yoga), its ruling planet in conjunction with ASC, the native will often receive unexpected fortune.

     The 5th house (Children or followers) has Mars (Exaltation). The native will have good children or followers. With Saturn (Pre-Exaltation) in conjunction with ASC, the children and followers will get support from the native, will exhaustively work together (Mars and Saturn) and will yield favourable result (Mars-Jupiter in Kindred Pairs)

     The 3rd house (Sahajjha/Friends) has Venus (Detriment). With Mars (Exaltation), its ruling planet in the 5th house, both bad friends and good friends will come to get support from the native as subordinates or followers.

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