Case study 1050.-Prediction of the career

        Case study 1050.- Prediction of the career: Real life information

        Careers that the native can do well and auspicious including those relate to hardworking, land development, agriculture, real estate (Saturn in Pre-Exaltation and in conjunction with ASC)/ management, speculation, gambling, obsessive job, and mischief (Rahu in Chula Chakra and ASC in sextile)/ technical, sport, fighting, steel (Mars in Exaltation and ASC in trine).

       Careers that the native can do but inauspicious the most include those relate to teacher, religion, government service (Jupiter in both Detriment and Sub-Domicile and the represent both good and bad quality)

      Careers that the native cannot do and inauspicious include those relate to art, beautiful things, entertainment (Venus in Detriment despite in aspect to ASC)/ book and publishing, data, information, negotiation (Mercury in Detriment, Sub-Domicile without aspect to ASC).

(Auspiciousness is a neutral word. When it is positive it is called “auspicious”. When it is negative it is called “inauspicious”.)  Page 185 / 190 / 191 / 197 / 205 ….

      The native’s skill and expertise- sportsmanship, analysis and logical reasoning (Mars)/ thinking and planning (Saturn)/ religion and teaching (Jupiter)/ trickery, cheating, gambling, and mischief (Rahu)

        Real life information. –

       The native is a woman and wife of a man in case study 1049. She has decent manner, is good at trading, endurance, hardworking, diligent, serious working, clever and kind. She operates a restaurant with several employees, all of which have worked with her for many years.

With her open-mind and extravagant spending, her husband often controls her budget for spending.

       Notice. –

      The native is a smart worker with versatile skill both hardworking or laborious job (Saturn) and light working or management (Rahu).

      She is a diligent person (Mars), kind and compassionate (Jupiter). Despite strong financial status of her husband, she devotes her life in running restaurant due to her diligence and caring for her subordinates.

      Given weak financial planet (Venus, the 2nd house’s ruling planet in Detriment), and her extravagant spending (Uranus in the 2nd house), her financial status will not be good if she is single or marry poor or bad man. However, she can be success in other way of life.

     The ASC of native in Virgo and that of husband in Scorpio are in sextile (Sahajjha – Labha). The relationship of two horoscopes is quite favourable and compatible.

     Jupiter and Saturn are in conjunction with ASC. Jupiter and Mars (Kindred Pairs) in trine can enhance their strengths. Meanwhile, Saturn and Venus (Enmity Pairs) in sextile lead to some conflict.

The 7th house’s ruling planets of the couples are in Detriment and in conjunction with their own ASC, implying that the couples can be the burden of and care for each other.

      ** The horoscopes of this couple are a good case study for relationship issue. The husband with strong financial planet, good financial status (backed by social status of his parents, (native background) has no need to work but is diligent.

Meanwhile, his wife works for all activities (excepting for financial involvement). Despite being wealthy, they are diligent and can fulfil each other’s needs. This is the match case. 

(Translated and edited by 23 August 2021, Sittidath Prasertrungruang)

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