Case study 3083 -Real life information

Real life information

         The native was born with difficulty (Saturn in trine to ASC), poor health (Uranus and Mars in conjunction with ASC) and grew up with difficulty (Jupiter somehow supported but has no aspect to ASC) and almost born in death.

         As a child, the native was a bright student (Mercury in Post-Exaltation) but disobedient with chronically health problem.

The native’s parents cut his hair style to be Thai pigtails/topknot (Old traditional Thai stye which Thai people in ancient days believe to solve health problem).

Due to his poor health and financial difficulty of his parent, the native could not complete high school level. We took the job in province.

       He changed several jobs and experienced several major accidents but could survive (strong horoscope). Latest, he got car crash accident, knocked out for several days and lost his 4 toes.

After his mother death, he ordinated as a monk by Thai tradition. His wealthy sister supports the family and he can remain a monk.

       As being a monk, he practiced meditation. and strictly follow the activities of the monks. Later, He got to know and studied with his master who specializes in psychic capability and consecrating sacred objects.

It does not take long for him to be an expert like his master and even better than his master in some methods (Uranus in conjunction with ASC means psychic ability)

        Later, he got sick with his throat cancer but tried to treat himself by using herbal medicine. The curing method worked in just the beginning, but then his condition got worse and ended with his death.

       He said that he had seen ghosts and spirits since times since a child.

       Several years ago, when Uranus transited to Pisces (the 7th house) and in opposition to ASC, He broke up with his wife.

       ** Final remark. –

         In summary, this is a very good case study that Uranus and background of the native play a crucial role in changing the course of the native’s life.

         The background or the financial and social status of the native’s parent is very important in this case study.

          A strong financial planet does not indicate wealthy.

          A weak financial planet does not indicate poor.

(Translated and edited by 2 October 2021, Sittidath Prasertrungruang)

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