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Question:  Q210505

       I need clarification for a paragraph I came across in this article.

      The native who has any planet in conjunction and opposition to an ascendant as a friendly, kindred or elementary pair, it is very proper to have a spouse or business partner because of its good doubly effect. 1 + 1 will be more than 2.

     Did you mean something like these?

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      Not correct, must like this. (One of the following types)

Question:  Q210505-2

      From page 470 of the book
…because Tanu is the overall of the a native himself and it also means external factors that could cause benefits or loss to him.

      But the case of a planet relating to Tanu-lak, it will be his character (not his overall), its priority then should be lower.

      If I understand the statements correctly, planetary aspects with the Asc are more impactful than planetary aspects with Tanu-lak.

      If this is the case, then I suppose #2 in the previous email shouldn’t apply to Tanu-lak.

      One planet conjoins the Asc and the other opposes the Asc.


     Tanu is the overall of the a native himself, It’s a general statement.

     Tanu-lak, only the native directly. But it will also affect the prince as a whole.
     Ascendant is a fixed position, stationary.

     But Tanu-lak planet in “Prediction of transiting horoscope”, will travel according to the zodiac signs and houses according  to their own trajectory.

     What is more important It is difficult to explain clearly?

     But in the case of one planet conjoins the Asc and the other opposes the Asc. It only means that the native and Patni will cooperate or conflict.

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