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Question: Q210914

(1) How to differentiate between a native with the Sun as Tanu-sed and as Tanu-lak?

(2) Looks like the habit of dignified and being dignified person are the same.

(3) In transit of any planet to ASC or Tanu-lak, do we need to consider the house that such planet rules?

Answer. –

(1)  Such qualities are quite similar and we cannot differentiate when the native as the Sun as Tanu-sed or Tanu-lak. In addition, if the native has both the Sun as Tanu-sed and Tanu-lak, the quality of being dignity will be more pronounced. (This also applies for other planet which is Tanju-sed and Tanu-lak at the same time).

(2) Tanu-sed is general and broad character of the native without any details on other issues, whether expressing or not expressing. Meanwhile, Tanu-lak is the inner nature or true self of the native and represent details and other important issues whether expressing (aspect to the ASC) or not expressing (no aspect to the ASC).

(3) The transit of planet to the ASC will affect the general issue not specific issue.  For example, with the transit of Jupiter to the ASC, the native will get support from senior persons and have working smoothly. With the transit of Saturn to the ASC, the native will be exhausted, in hard work, weakening health and get sick. 

 If no planet in conjunction with the ASC, there might be little impact.

But if there is planet in conjunction with the ASC, the impact will be greater depending on relationship with planet in transit whether they are in any pairs (Friendly/Elemental/Kindred Pairs).

The transit planet will affect houses that such planet rules. However, a planet which rules two houses will have less impact.

The transit of planet to Tanu-lak will have direct impact to the native prior to other related issues. For example, the native might get sick and then followed by other related issues to the native.

Question: Q210914-2

(1) When the transit of Saturn to the ASC whereby the native’s Saturn is the 7th house rulership, does the native will have problem with his spouse?  In other words, does the meaning of Saturn combine with the 7th house?

(2) Does the transit of Saturn to the ASC in each Horoscope have the different meanings depending on rulership it belongs to?

(3) The transit of the Moon will be in conjunction with the ASC every month. If The moon is the 7th house’s ruler, does this mean the native will have the issue with spouse very month?

Answer. –

(1) In general principle, the transit of Saturn to the ASC has 80% impact to the 7th house. The impact will happen to the native not his spouse and might not relate to his spouse. Whichever horoscope will affect whoever the native.

(2) The transit of Saturn to the ASC in different horoscope should yield different impact due to different combination of planets in each horoscope.

(3) The transit of the Moon to the ASC has the same consideration to other planets. If the Moon transits to Mercury (Friendly Pairs), the native will be stronger and survive from any difficulty and will indirectly benefit the native’s spouse as well.

Because the Moon is benefit planet with light power, it causes no harm and has little impact to the native.

For example, the transit of the Moon to the native’s Jupiter, its Enmity Pairs and Element Pairs has insignificant meaning.

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