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Question: Q210515-4

     I am not sure whether I understand it correctly due to the way the sentence is composed, I’ve read it numerous times.

Is it correct I split that statement into two as follows:
     1. If Tanu Bhava has the Sun (1) that is positive and conjoins with the Asc.
     2. If Tanu Bhava has the Sun (1) that is positive and is Tanu-lak.


    You got it right.
    # 1 Right
    # 2 In other words, “If Tanu-lak is the Sun (1) that is positive”.

Question:  Q210907

Can Thai Astrology predict diseases such as cancer, heart attack, diabetes and so on?


Theoretically, all ten planets in astrology can represent everything including human organs (liver, kidney, spleen, heart, etc.), mineral (iron ore, copper, gold, etc.), human shape (fat, thin, tall, short, black, and white skin, etc.)

However, from my own statistical experience, there is no clear conclusion on those issues and I have not use them. To my experience, such issues are mostly caused by their inheritance from their parents and ancestors.

     Transiting planets are anther issue. With transiting planets afflicting the similar natal charts but different natives, each native could have different impact and might experience different stories.

When the native gets older, he will usually get sick according his inheritance.

   Some natives with Uranus-Mars in conjunction but has strong inheritance and then in good health might not be appear in sickness but accident.

Question: Q210908

    – The meaning of Mars (3) which is described as rational courage, rationality, disbelief, logic. All these qualities seem to relate to the matter of thought like Saturn (7) and are quite different from the conventional meaning which describe Mars as the matter of action such as bravery and diligence.

      However, do you come up with this meaning? And what about the quality of Saturn (7) in relation to rationality?

Answer. –

     -Mars (3) represents logic, reasoning, diligence, courageous, straightforward with rational argument openly and frankly.

      -Saturn (7) means contemplation, prudence, thought a lot, patience, hard-working, working seriously, talking seriously and directly to the point. Its meaning has nothing to do with logic or reasoning.

      -My meanings of all planets are almost totally different from conventional definitions. I get this knowledge from two of my teachers and my own observation.

In addition, chart reading methodology and the relocation of ASC are also based on my teachers and my own experience.

      – There is one of my students who translates this book. He has four teachers. He says that I am the only one who describes Mars as logic and no textbook give this meaning.

He observed from reading over hundreds of horoscopes and confirm that Mars as logic is true.

       – Mercury (4) also represents subtle and profound thought but not logical thought. The combination between Mars and Mercury could represent profound and logical thought.

The person with this combination can do several things and work for several careers such as. – judges, lawyers, doctors, engineers, authors, etc.

However, qualities of these two planets and relationship with other planets will lead to the different skill and expertise. (Read career prediction section.)

         – In essence of my astrological concept, all planets have different meanings, just like the primary colors. 

Their meanings are exclusive, not overlap and cannot be substituted each other. However, they can be combined meaning.

         – In conventional meaning, the Sun represents social and government rank and position. In contrast to mine, the Sun represents arrogance and dignity.

          – In conventional meaning, the Moon represents talking or speaking sweetly (decently). In contrast to mine, the Moon represents only sweet (decent) manner.

Talking sweetly is the combination between Mercury and the Moon.

           – In conclusion, I redefine meanings of planets from my own experience with empirical evidences.

Question:  Q210909

      – The native with strong Rahu can be a sly, trickery and smart person. If Rahu in in conjunction with other planet, how does it quality change and how are their combined qualities?

Are conventional meanings of these combination still valid?

Rahu/Jupiter represent obsession in various technical subjects.

Rahu/Mercury represent wildly and obsessive talking.

Rahu/Mars represent violent emotions to erupt in anger.

Rahu/the Moon represent obsession and intoxication.

Rahu/Venus represent sex addiction.

Rahu/Saturn represent empowerment of Rahu quality. I see good chess players with Rahu/Saturn combination.

Rahu/Sun which is considered a solar eclipse.

Answer. –

       Rahu as Tanu-lak (Domicile of ASC) in conjunction with any planet will represent obsession with somethings described by that planet (read explanation in my book).

Rahu/Jupiter represent a person with passion with academics and religion, preference to approach elders

Rahu/Mars represent a person with hot temperament, impatience, diligence.

Rahu/Mercury represent a person with thorough thinking and detail-loving.

Rahu/the Moon represent a person with sweet (more decent) manner not obsession or intoxication which is quality of Rahu.    The combined meaning also depends on relative strength of the Moon over Rahu.

Rahu/Venus represent a person with passion with arts (for example, Rahu “Chalermchai” in a case study 1001, Page 283 Paperback), not sex addition.

The sexual obsession needs to consider strengths of Mars and the Sun combined (see explanation in my book).

If Rahu (8) is not Tanu-lak and/or has no aspect to ASC, such combined quality will have no impact to the native or no appearance.

For Rahu/the Sun, I give no importance to the solar eclipse other than the meanings described by Rahu and the Sun.

Keep in mind the most important principle. The planet with no aspect to ASC will have no appearance in the native. For example, without aspect to Mercury, the native will appear talk less. Without aspect to Mars, the native appears no hot temperament and no diligence.

More explanation on Rahu (8).-

Great fortune prediction/ general

From conventional astrological book, transiting Rahu conjuncts to natal Saturn is positive because of its Friendly Pairs and will result in great fortune (Rahu in conjunction with Saturn together with the Sun in conjunction with Jupiter will have both positive and negative impact).

This explanation only appears in my previous printed book. However, based my own experience with empirical investigation, I have found negative impact if transiting Rahu in conjunction with natal Saturn. The native will be in trouble and predicament without fortune.

From my conclusion, Rahu in conjunction with Saturn will have both positive and negative impact (mostly negative) in the natal chart.

However, transiting Rahu will have only negative impact to the native despite in conjunction with Saturn, its Friendly Pairs.

I have revised and updated this content in my paperback edition, the e-book version, and my website. Readers of my previous printed edition must be informed.

I do not strict to conventional textbooks and can revise if they are not relevant to real-life.

About the great fortune prediction, I have based my own experience and should explain more in other occasion.

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