Questions – Answers (24-11-21)

Question: Q210910

Are these statements correct?

-Rahu in conjunction with the Sun will represent stronger arrogance and dignity.

-The combination between Rahu and another planet will be more prominent for ASC in Aquarius than other zodiac because Rahu is Tanu-lak (Ruling planet) of Aquarius.

Answer. –

    -Rahu and the Sun have no pairing relationship. They will neither increase nor reduce strength of each other. Each planet can influence the native based on its own quality.

    -The influence of any planet to appearance of the native will depend on its aspect to ASC with no exception to Rahu or Aquarius.

Question: -Q210911

     -The native with strong Mars/ Mercury combination in aspect to ASC has capability in several careers. Is this correct?


     -Correct. Mars/Mercury combination plays important role in almost careers or professions.

     -Mercury dominant represents skill in information management, publishing, thorough thinking and can study any field.

Together with Mars dominant, implying logic and good reasoning, the native with this combination can do several jobs.

Question: -Q210912

       – The native with ASC in Aquarius and Saturn (7) in conjunction with ASC. Should we consider Saturn as the 12th house ruler in conjunction with ASC because Saturn is not Tanu-lak (ruling planet of ASC in Aquarius?


       -Saturn in Aquarius is just domicile, not ruling planet. Saturn is not Tanu-lak of the native with ASC in Aquarius (but Rahu).

As the 12th house’s ruler in conjunction with ASC, the native has no damage. No meaningful is in this case.

Question: Q210913

 -To rank planets by their strengths based on standard positions, is this rank, correct?

-Exaltation/ Maha Chakra /Pre and Post Exaltation/ Domicile/ Chula Chakra/ Raja Yoga/ Devi Yoga

 -To rank planets in Pairs based on their combined strengths, is this rank, correct?

-Element Pairs/ Friendly Pairs/ Enmity Pairs/ Kindred Pairs.


     -Comparison on qualities of planets is explained in my book. Your ranking is correct. In conventional textbooks, they give the most important to Domicile because this standard position is often used. However, I rank the Domicile quality as number 4 in terms of relative strength.

     -For planets in Pairs based on their relative strengths, I rank Friendly Pairs as the number one and Element Pairs-Kindred Pairs as the number two.

However, I don’t give the ranking in my book because they have much difference in qualities and meanings.

        -For example, Friendly Paris are compatible in terms of friend and couple. Meanwhile, Element Paris are compatible in terms of same type of persons.

Kindred Pairs are compatible in terms of having mutual benefits or favorable cooperation. In contrast, planets in Enmity Pairs are in conflict and can damage each other.

   (Translated and edited by Sittidath Prasertrungruang,

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