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Question: Q210915-2

When a planet transits to the ASC or Tanu-lak, does the native with ASC and Tanu-lak in aspect have more positive/negative impact than those without aspect?

Answer. –

      -Yes, the native with the ASC and Tanu-lak in aspect will get more impact.

However, the native without such aspect will have more chance and more frequency to be affected.

Question: Q210916

(1) When considering the native’s appearance, which planets in aspect to the ASC or to Tanu-lak have more influence?

(2) Does Tanu-lak in its own domicile mean the native’s inner and outer character are the same?     

Answer. –

(1) A planet in other aspect to the ASC can be noticeable from the native’s appearance with less proportion than the planet in conjunction with the ASC. 

Meanwhile, a planet in aspect to Tanu-lak will have the same impact to the native but wihout appearance to outsiders.

(2) Yes. If Mars is Tanu-lak in its own domicile, the native will be strong in both inner and outer character. 

If Rahu is Tanu-lak in its own domicile, the native will be stubborn both internally and externally.

Question: Q210917

Does the appearance of the native rely on the familiarity with a person who talks to him?

If we don’t know the native’s birthtime, might it be difficult to locate the ASC in case that the native’s ASC has no aspect to Tanu-lak? 

In other words, we may mislocate his ASC to Tanu-lak and vice versa.

Answer. –

Correct. Sometimes, the native’s appearance is based on an occupation and training of the native.

For example, if the native is a teacher or speaker which must speak on the pubic frequently, we might not realize the native’s true character if we do not ask from his close persons.

Question: Q210917-2

Do Element Paris must include only two planets?

Answer. –

Two planets in Element Pairs locating at the same Zodiac will yield 100% impact.

But if one planet is in other aspect to (opposite/sextile/trine) another planet, the impact will reduce proportionately.

If any planet other than Ketu in conjunction with planet in these pairs, the impact is insignificant.

However, if Ketu in conjunction with any planet in these pairs, the impact is double.

However, we must consider the quality of each planet in such pairs separately to justify strengthening or weakening quality.

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