Case study 4079.- Smart woman, Japanese’s wife 

Case study 4079.- Smart woman, Japanese’s wife  

  • Justify ASC position. – Correct. The native is quite talkative (Mercury in aspect to ASC), not diligent (Mars without aspect to ASC) and good at management in hard works (Saturn-Rahu in conjunction with ASC).

Chart reading process:

  • Ascendant in Pisces
  • Saturn, Rahu and the Moon are in conjunction with ASC. The native’s overall life is not difficult (the Moon in Devi Yoga)/ Jupiter as Tanu-lak in Post-Exaltation) but likes to work hard or difficult job and administrative work (Saturn-Rahu).
  • With Jupiter as Tanu-lak, the inherent nature of the native is soft-hearted, kind, compassionate, sympathetic, but in the 6th house, the native will look for difficult work and does like easy life.
  • This horoscope is quite strong both internally and externally because of Jupiter (Post-Exaltation) as Tanu-lak and the Moon (Devi Yoga) in conjunction with ASC. The native will be success in life easily.
  • The Sun is Tanu-sed and the native dignified and arrogant.
  • With ASC in conjunction to the Moon (Devi Yoga), the native has gentle look and decent manner/ endurance and pondering (in conjunction to Saturn)/ courage, risk-taking, catch up with trickery and obsession with mischief (in conjunction to Rahu).
  • Because Jupiter (Post-Exaltation) has no aspect to ASC, the native can lose consciousness in crisis time and can be deceived or do wrong think owing to her obsession.
  • With Uranus in opposition to ASC, the native is sensitive, emotional, and bipolar. Lifestyle is quite unstable and abnormal. Ketu in sextile to ASC will also increase instability.
  • With Mercury in sextile to ASC and in the 11th house, the native is quite talkative and talk seriously with strong issue (Saturn-ASC in conjunction) but somehow talk gently (The Moon-ASC in conjunction). However, as Venue (Maha Chakra) without aspect to ASC, the native has no artistic talk.
  • With the Sun (Chula Chakra and Tanu-Sed) in sextile with ASC, the native appears as dignified and arrogant person. The native’s conversation with others looks arrogant and no compromise.
  • As Jupiter (Post-Exaltation) without aspect to ASC, the native is a good person, has mercy but does not express it clearly or all the time. Senior or higher rank at work do not support. The native must support oneself and cannot get help from others. When get obsession anything, the native will lose conscience easily and could damage own life.
  • As Mars (Post-Exaltation) without aspect to ASC, the native has rationale thinking but does not express it clearly or all the time. The native often make irrational decision despite pondering (Saturn-ASC in conjunction) and risky decision without reason (Rahu-ASC in conjunction has 100% impact).
  • Regarding diligent, the native is usually lazy (Mars without aspect to ASC). But, if necessary, the native will be very diligent or diligent intermittently.
  • With Venue (Maha Chakra) in the 10th house, the native has good occupation and has skill in art and beautiful things.
  • With Mercury (Lord of the 7th house) locating in the 11th  house, the native will get good fortune from the spouse or partner or has many spouse. With Uranus in the 7th house, the native will separate from the spouse either alive or death once in a life time (some natives change spouse several times.)
  • With Mars (Post-Exaltation and Lord of the 2nd house) in the 12th house, the financial status and wealth are stable and consistent. The native is extravagant or lose money (the 12th house), but not go broke (consistent finance). This is suitable for running business with financial credit.

Prediction of the Career

  • With Saturn and Rahu as Dominant planets in conjunction with ASC (100% impact), the native is most suitable for hard working, difficult job, land, gardening, agriculture (Saturn)/ general management, job related with trickery, intoxicant, alcoholic things and speculation (Rahu)/ publishing, thoroughly job, information and communication (Mercury in sextile to ASC).
  • Occupation that the native can do well but are not auspicious include craftsmanship, sports, military, adventure (Mars in Post-Exaltation)/ Art, jewellery, beautiful things (Venus in Maha Chakra)/ Religious work, Negotiation with senior or high rank persons, government agency (Jupiter in Post-Exaltation).

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