Case study 4079.- Real life information

Real life information

  • The native is a Thai woman whom I met the first in the last 4-5 years ago by my friend recommendation. They are partnership and she works as general manager.
  • This woman was normal dress and I do not know her background. Based on chart reading, she is agile and flexible and can do several works either hard work, light work, management, negotiation, thoroughly work and artistic. Importantly, her financial planet is quite strong (Post-Exaltation).
  • As she was doing business, I concluded that she should get rich.
  • However, I stumbled upon Uranus in the 7th house. I asked her whether any problem with her spouse. She said her husband was death last three months. So, her life is theoretically correct.
  • Afterward, my friend told me that the woman had Japanese husband who operated hotel and restaurant in Thailand for serving Japanese tourists and Thai people.
  • Her husband died and left inheritance and restaurant business to her worth morn than Bt100 million. She plans to buy land at seaside to build a resort without bank loan. She is very smart in hotel management, restaurant, and resort.
  • Two years after my first meeting, I met her again with her chart reading on general issue. Her last question concerned on her retirement from business because of her tiresome.
  • She questioned on the suitable time for stop doing business and for retirement.  I observed that Uranus has transited to Aires for 3 years (her financial house and resulted in financial difficulty).
  • Uranus would stay in Aries for another 3.5 years and would transit into Taurus and stay for another 7 years (in aspect to ASC). She would be trouble about her personal issue. In conclusion, detrimental Uranus will have negative impact to her life over the next ten years.
  • She accepted and told me that she already expected another ten years for retirement from her business.
  • I got more information on her obsession with alcoholic drinks and her regular intoxication. She was deceived by one guy and lost money over ten million Baht (Rahu-ASC in conjunction resulted in obsession)

Note. –

  • This horoscope is a good case study about Rahu in conjunction with ASC. Despite catching up with trickery, the natives overly obsession to something could lead to deception.
  • Moreover, having Jupiter without aspect to ASC, the native will lose consciousness easily. Finally, with strong financial planet, although the native will lose money and some wealth but not all.

(Translated and edited by 18 December 2021, Sittidath Prasertrungruang)

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