Case study 4110.-Real life information

Real life information

The native is a man who works as an engineer with Japanese construction company.

He has multi skills and are diligent, visionary, imaginary and decent manner. He got 5.5% stake for free from his own company and got promotion to executive level.

Because of his extremely pondering (Saturn in detriment) and thoroughness with relying on information for decision making (Mercury in Post-Exaltation), he holds his company’ stocks and invested other stocks for twenty years and become wealthy with financial assets worth 200-300 million of Thai baht, more than other people in the same field. Currently, he is old but still working with less effort.

Note. –

This horoscope is a good case study for following issues:

1.) The native has Venus (Maha Chakra)- ASC in conjunction and Mercury (Post-Exaltation) in sextile to ASC. His most suitable and auspicious career should be architect or artist and not engineer (normal Mars in trine to ASC).

Probably, he grew up in middle class without advisor to his study. Despite Venus in Maha chakra implying extraordinary art but with Rahu without aspect to ASC (no obsession in art), he decided to study engineer.

2.) The native has Venus (Maha Chakra)- ASC in conjunction with Tanu-lak (Jupiter) in Debilitation (Fall). His life faced difficulty to strive to success but his success will become spectacular with unordinary mean. He took more time than others for study and worked for several companies before his success.

3.) Despite weak financial planet both Domicile (Saturn in Detriment) and Outer house planet (Jupiter in the 2nd house) which is in Debilitation (Fall), the native could make himself rich.

His extreme pondering (Detriment Saturn in trine to ASC) leads to low-risk investment and his decision making is thoroughly based on information (Mercury in Post-Exaltation) and is not in obsession with mischief (Rahu without aspect to ASC).

His spending often focusses on pursuit of his happiness but not in useless expenses.

This case study is very rare and I met only single case. As I often mention in my astrological principle, strong finical planet does not necessarily imply wealthy and weak financial planet does not necessarily imply poverty.

4.) Uranus in opposition with ASC implies separation with spouse/partner, health problem, accident, six-sense.

This man has no six-sense but has problem with his spouse and partner and had quit his job for several times. His health in general is quite normal.

However, several year ago, he got a severe sickness and paid lot of money for cure. Currently, he is in good health (quite strong horoscope with Uranus in opposition to ASC).

5.) Rahu has no aspect to ASC but in aspect to Tanu-lak (Jupiter).

He quite often plays card with is friend not for gamble, like non-alcoholic beer. This implies slight and irregular obsession in intoxicate (Rahu in sextile to Jupiter).

(Translated and edited by 25 December 2021, Sittidath Prasertrungruang)

Case study 4110.- Wealthy despite financial planet in detriment 

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