Case study 1024: Maha Chakra Life with Financial planet in Raja Yoga

Case study 1024.-Maha Chakra Life with Financial planet in Raja Yoga

Justify ASC position. –Correct. The native is talkative (Mercury in aspect to ASC)/ diligent (Mars in aspect to ASC).

Real life information. –

This case study will discuss about biography and real-life information of the native and horoscope delineation.

Unlike other previous case studies, this case study will not explain in sequence as appear in other cases because the horoscope explained by astrological principles already confirmed with facts from the native. Therefore, this is one of the good case studies.

The native is a man with ASC in Virgo. He was born middle-class. His father died when he was nine years old but he did not get any trouble and had enough to get by.

He accomplished undergraduate level and worked as civil engineer.

With Mars (Maha Chakra) and ASC in conjunction, the native ‘s life was successful at lead step with extraordinary mean. From his early age as a student, he could pass the exam in a strange way. After graduation, he worked in government agency and got promotion at leap step.

During that time, we operated small business such as a wholesaler, loan shark, coin/stamp/amulet trading. When having more money, he cooperated with his friends doing land trading business and then he resigned from government service before his retirement and get a pension.

After his resignation, he worked as gardener for 15 years before selling out his land and assets, then moved to amulet trading, loan shark. He also studied astrology and could understand in-dept.

His destination implied by Maha Chakra in conjunction with ASC. With Uranus in the 10th house, he  changed his careers for several times.

Temperament: Outward appearance is tough, rational, looks fierce. Although he usually does not lose temper easily, but when has get angry his anger turns violently (Mars in Maha Chakra). His descendants and subordinates are often afraid him but they can work with him very well.

Because, Mercury-Jupiter-Venus in the 5th house and in Pairs with Mars (Mars-Jupiter in Kindred Pairs and Mars-Venus in Friendly Pairs) can suppress impact of Mars (Maha Chakra) in ASC.

However, his descendants and subordinates rarely dare to approach him. The 5th house’s ruling planet in the 12th house is good for stay far away than to come closer.

 Regarding his diligence, He is not diligent person and somehow looks like a lazy person. He usually focuses on certain things he is interested and keeps working without giving up until accomplishment (Mars represents impatience anger and diligence in Maha Chakra style) .

His inherent natures are soft and delicate (Mercury as Tanu-lak), kind, compassionate (Mercury-Jupiter conjunction) and imaginative (Mercury-Venus conjunction).

With Mercury (Tanu-lak) in the 5th house, he gives special importance to children/subordinates.

He does not cheat anyone (Jupiter as Tanu-sed), can catch up with various deception, but does not cheat or in obsession any mischief. With normal Rahu in opposition to ASC and Mars (Maha Chakra) and in trine to the debilitated Jupiter (fall), he is openly and straightforward with consciousness.

Regarding financial status, his Venus (Devi Yoga) in Domicile and in conjunction with Mercury (Water Element Pairs) and Ketu, Venus is quite strong as almost as Raja Yoga. He never has any financial problem. He can earn money easily with effortless (Devi Yoga/ Raja Yoga).

With Venus, the financial planet (the 2nd house’s ruler) in the 5th house, he spent his wealth and assets for his descendants and subordinates.

He has supported his grandchildren on costs of education to accomplish undergraduate and graduate level for 4-5 persons. At present, he continues to support education for his grandchildren (he has no children).

Regarding his partnerships, he often gets support from women with older age (Mars in conjunction with ASC and in opposition to Rahu in the 7th house, its Air Element Pairs).

As a young student, he got support from older women. While working for government agency, he also got support from three female bosses which support his work and career advancement.

When doing business which required some bank loans, he got support from a banker who was an older woman (8 years) and had never met before despite refusal from other bankers. Most importantly, his wife is 3 years older than him.

It should be noted that Rahu refer to older heterosexual or obese black person, or has some kind of flaw eg.- being a widow and etc.

With the debilitated Jupiter (fall) (the ruling planet the 7th house) in the 5th house, the native should get inferior spouse and must take care of his spouse like his descendants and subordinates. However, in real life, his wife takes care of him except for other issues.

The impact of detriment Saturn (in the 12th house) in opposition to the detriment Sun (in the 6th house) also result in becoming domicile for both planets.

He tried of working as government service which required relocation or working in different cities quite often. Therefore, he resigned to run gardening business by buying the old durian garden that have already produced.

Starting from zero knowledge about gardening, it does not take long for him to study and then he could do well with good quality products and profit.

Moreover, he also bought several land plots at good locations, made improvement, and sold them at double prices. This fulfils the meaning of two detriment planets in opposition with each other will become domicile.

To elaborate, no-good thing comes at first then following by good thing (two detriment planets are in opposition each other). Then, such things will have gone or far away by the end (the 12th house). Finally, he sold all plots of land.

Therefore, gardening, agriculture, and hard-working (Saturn) are not auspicious careers for him despite his doing well (Saturn has no aspect to ASC).

Indeed, he had never done gardening by himself but just hiring workers for gardening and selling products which are management jobs. Moreover, his products, garden and land prices were not as good as present day.

Fortunately, with his financial planet in Raja Yoga, an absent of lands could turn into money. If his financial planet is weak, he might lose both land and financial assets.

Regarding to his thinking, he was not pondering at all when he was young (Detriment Saturn in the 12th house).

After his marriage until present day, he has become a very thoughtful person but only in life planning (Detriment Saturn turns to domicile) but can leave that plan if he concludes it is not good for doing so (Saturn in the 12th house).

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