Case study 2041.- Maha Chakra life 2

Case study 2041.- Maha Chakra life 2 (Mercury and Venus in the 8th house)

This case study is similar to the case study number 1024 in that ASC locates in Virgo in conjunction with Mars (Maha Chakra), in opposition to Rahu and Uranus in the 10th house.

However, other planets in different locations with different background result in different success and destiny. This case study is worthwhile for comparison.

Real life information. –

The native is a man with poor background. He was born in Chinese family with several siblings and his mother is a mistress of a Chinese man. His just completed primary school and works during his study as bread baking worker in a Chinese shop.

He did not continue his higher study but switched to trading business for several years before establishing his small bread factory with his family for both wholesale and retail selling until now.

With Mars (Maha Chakra) in conjunction with ASC, the native’s horoscope is quite strong. He is diligent and has some success in his life with his unusually way.

The main factors to contribute to his life is “his own background” which seem to limit his opportunities to drive his life in many facets including education, financial support, social rank, Chinese attitude.

In addition, Mercury, his Tanu-lak and sub-Demicile in the 8th house and in aspect to Uranus is a drawback that causes him to relate to unproductive issues (House of the Death).

His weak financial planet (Venus in Post-Exaltation but in detriment) in the 8th house also results in useless spending. Mercury (Tanu-lak) in conjunction with Venus causes his obsession with entertainment.

He also like alcoholic drink, going for entertaining club and paying money for singers (Venus as Tanu-sed and Rahu in opposition to ASC) and lead to slow to accumulate his wealth.

With Mercury in the 8th house, he seems to talk like normal people but is difficult to understand, difficult to grasp, does not concentrate with study and delicate subjects.

With Mars (Maha Chakra) and ASC conjunction without aspect to Jupiter (Sub-Domicile) which implies lack of consciousness, he talks without thinking, straightforward and indecent manner.

With Jupiter (the 7th house’s ruling planet) in Sub-Domicile and in the 6th house, he gets a good wife which is a quiet person with frequent conflicts but can live together.

With detriment Saturn in the 12th house and in trine to Mercury (Tanu-lak), he is a thoughtful person without expression and is not in favor of hard working.

Sometimes he does not think thoroughly (the 12th house). In fact, working in bread factory, his family business requires hardworking and is tedious.

He is an expert in making bread because he is diligent, adopted under Chinese value (diligence) and trained for bread making since young which is the only one single subject, he can know the best.

However, due to inauspicious career and weak financial planet, his life has only little success.

Despite strong logic (Mars in conjunction with ASC) but without aspect to Mercury (thoroughness), he cannot use reasoning effectively. He is generally in good health without major sickness or admitting at hospital since young.

However, he found cancer in the late life but it was remedy (may not be completely cured). This might be because of his heredity or age or whatever reasons. (His Uranus is in aspect to Mercury, Tanu-lak).

With the Sun (Post-Exaltation) in trine to ASC, he is dignified and arrogant with unlimited spending on his pleasure. With Rahu in opposition to ASC, he is alcoholic addict but is not a gambler, mischief, or a cheat person (Mars in Maha Chakra results in openness, straightforward and good logic).

With Jupiter (Sub-Domicile) in the 6th house, he does not get support from senior or high rank people including his father.

He left his home, did not study at high education, lived on himself. He spent several years as a worker in bread factory to accumulate his saving to fund his own factory

(Translated and edited by 30 January 2022, Sittidath Prasertrungruang)

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