Question.-Q 650205 (Thai prime minister will step down from his position)

Question. – Q 650205

One astrologer predicted that Prayuth (Thai prime minister) will step down from his position in 10 May 2022 (See his Natal and transit chart in inner and outer circle respectively)

His birthtime is unknown but this astrologer pointed out that only two Ascendant, Scorpio or Capricorn should be possible.

However, given the native’s personality and past events, this astrologer believes the prime minister’s birthtime should be at 3.3 am. with his ASC in Capricorn.

Here are my questions.

Q1.- How possible that the transit chart can determine exact date of any event to occur? If it is so, I think inner planets (rapid movement) such as the transit Moon and the transit Sun should determine that.

Q2.- When considering occurrence of events, is it necessary that aspect (angle) between transit and natal planets have exactness or close orb? Or just transit planet moves into or out of another sign? What situation is more relevant to occurrence of events especially for rapid planets?

Q3.- Refer to this horoscope, will prime ministry position require ASC to locate at any sign (because of the native’s background that affect his position) or only at specific sign for ASC that can be prime minister?

Q4.- What the ASC of this native should be?

Answer. –

A3.- Generally, the prime minister position will not require ASC in specific sign. Only personality and quality of the prime minister (honesty, cheat, etc.) can be differentiated by ASC.

A4 .- This horoscope has several benefic planets. Given his quiet personality, his ASC should not relate to Mercury.

Therefore, his ASC should be left for only six possible signs, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

If ASC in aspect with Venus or Jupiter or Uranus or Moon, the native will have weak personality and too sensitive. Therefore, his ASC should not be in Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo.

ASC in both Scorpio (Mars in Domicile) and Capricorn (Saturn in Exaltation) can signify strong horoscope.

His inner self is a strong person, tolerance and suitable for soldier (Mars Saturn). His appearance has no distinction (no planets in conjunction with ASC), moody, mysterious, incomprehensible, sixth-sense (Uranus in opposition to ASC).

Therefore, ASC in Capricorn should be most relevant to these characters.

In addition to Saturn (Tanu-lak) in the 10th house and in trine to Mercury, the native is thorough.

With Venus (Exaltation) in sextile to ASC + Mercury, the native can be song writer.

With the Moon (Raja Yoga) in trine to ASC, the native appears in decent manner, speak sweetly.

All these combinations support the native to become prime ministry not only his background that support his position.

However, one factor from his background that supports him is that he is a son of a colonel in the Thai Army. He grew up with soldier value and attitude from childhood and advanced his soldier’s careers continually. 

A1.- Theoretically, transit chart could not predict daily event because most events are signified by outer planets (slow movement) such as Jupiter or Saturn.

The outer planets’ interaction with other planets can have inaccurate effect up to weekly or monthly and have different sensitivity to others. Meanwhile, inner planet with rapid movement such as the Moon can have little impact.

During 10 May 2022, there is no planet moving into/out of another sign. However, there are several malefic combinations.

With transit Uranus and transit Rahu in opposition to Saturn (Tanu-lak), transit Saturn in conjunction with ASC and Uranus in opposition to ASC, the native will be pressured by several affairs.

A2.- General astrological principle will consider exact aspect of planets to determine occurrence. However, based on my own experience, planets will have the most effect when just entering the new sign (house) or slightly before moving out of the old sign.

Whereas planets at the middle of sign will have little impact. This is like a bird just grasp a tree and before flying that I explain in my book.

Noticeably, Saturn and Uranus are strongest when entering the new sign and before moving out of the old sign. My teacher also suggests me on that.

From my personal experience, Uranus had strong impact on my horoscope just one month prior to moving out of a triggering sign (Uranus stayed there for 7 years without any impact).

(Translated and edited by 16 February 2022, Sittidath Prasertrungruang)

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