Question. – Q 650206

Question. – Q 650206

I would like to ask your opinion about scope and limitation of astrology in respect to its predictability of one’s future. What you think about following arguments.

Q1.- Historically, the limitation of astrology is apparent from ancient time. When Siddhartha Gautama (Founder of Buddhism) was born, seven astrologers predicted that he can be either the great religion founder or the great emperor depending on his decision on walk of life.

However, there was only one who use character reading to predict that Siddhartha will become the great religion founder.

Q2.- Astrology that can predict exact future did have but already disappear due to lack of disciple and record.

Q3.- The great astrologers in ancient time use their skill other than astrology in increase their predictability.

Answer. –

A1.- Astrological system that uses ASC has limitation in its predictability from ancient time. It might be originated by one person and then spread throughout all regions.

In the early time, astrology might be treated like astronomy nowadays in which its activities involve mainly on observation, data collection and statistic for study planets positions not for prediction because there were only seven stars and planets under consideration.

Thai astrology came from India into Thailand during Sukho Thai Kingdom (13th c). Thai astrologers later added other objects (Rahu, Ketu and Uranus) to enhance predictability and became uniqueness of Thai astrology.

I believe that no astrological system which we use nowadays occurred during the last 2,500 years (Buddha era) but only face reading or character readings like Chinese face reading.

I used to study palmistry and found that palm lines can be changed by 2-3 months and have certain predictability in certain issues.

A2.- I have been told about astrological systems which have high accuracy and predictability but never seen any evidence on them. Their accuracy might not be easy to prove as well.  

Also, their accuracy if any might not be benefit people and might encourage people do nothing (if they already know future). The key benefit of astrology should be on suggestion or guideline from astrologers to the native’s life.

A3.- I believe most great astrologers in the past use several skills including sixth-sense to enhance their predictability.

But there is no guarantee for accuracy in all situation, all issues, and all people. Normally, the a native seldom talks when an astrologer gives a wrong prediction.

(Translated and edited by 16 February 2022, Sittidath Prasertrungruang)

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