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Case study 4070.- Maha Chakra life 3

Regarding – “With Mercury (his Tanu-lak in Sub-Domicile) in the 8th house and in aspect to Uranus, his usually involves with useless issues (House of the Death).”

Can you please further explain on this – is 8th House, House of Death associated with useless issues?

Answer. –

-The 8th house (Marana Bhava, House of the Death) does not directly mean “useless issues”.

The actual meanings are various and mostly pertaining to death, exhaustion, loss, inheritance, will, uncertainty (volatility or useless) and so on.

In this case, Tanu-lak (Mercury) in the 8th house can have several meanings as well. For example, the native’s life usually involve with loss, death, inheritance, will, uncertainty or anything, all of which have not benefit the native.

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