Question. – Q-650201-2-3

Question. – Q-650201

About the person who commits suicide, what planetary combination should appear in his or her natal chart or is it about transit planets?

Answers. –

A suicidal person is about the combination between natal and transit charts.

From natal chart, the native should be seriously thoughtful (weak Saturn in aspect to ASC) or thoughtless (weak Saturn without aspect to ASC).

From transit chart, it should occur during weak horoscope with transit Saturn in aspect to ASC and transit Jupiter without aspect to ASC.

The native will very seriously thoughtful and lack of consciousness.

Question. – Q-650202

From “The Great Fortune” rules written in Thai poem, the last verse spells out that when transit Saturn in conjunction with natal Mars and transit Mars in conjunction with or in opposition to natal Saturn, such fortune rules cannot apply.

Is this mean that such fortune will not occur or uncertain to occur or occur but then disappear?

Answers. –

1.       The first verse which spells out that “The Great Fortune for over several years” means 30 years (Saturn makes a full orbit around the zodiac wheel).

2.       All verses in the poem comprises six cases. Only one case is not related to others. However, all cases already appear in my book and you need to understand. Verses just help you memorize rules.

3.       When transit Saturn in conjunction with natal Mars and transit Mars in conjunction with or in opposition to natal Saturn, the native will have no great fortune or that fortune will be damaged or disappear.

Question. – Q-650203

When reading chart, do you treat in-house planets as more important than ruling planets? I observe when reading your natal chart, women who support you refer to Rahu in the 7th house and Jupiter in the 5th house which are in opposition to and in trine to ASC respectively instead of the 7th house’s ruling planet as in other conventional astrological books.

Is this because the ruling planet in Fall and not strong or you do not give weight to ruling planet?

Will the ruling planet be the case when we consider the issue related to the 7th house not ASC?

Answers. –

Each planet represents two roles and I do not treat any role as more important than the other.

In-house planets can strengthen and weaken that house, especially for the 1st house. We usually look at aspect between one in-house planet and another in-house planet as the priority because it is easily to notice.

In-house planet can describe factor which could enhance or reduce importance of that house or skill of the native.

On contrary, the ruling planet describes the relationship between the house it locates and the house it rules.

However, ruling planet is very important for final judgement of the horoscope.

For example, if the financial planet (the ruling planet of the 2nd house) locates in the 8th house, the wealth or financial status of the native could be damaged and the native can go broke.

If Tanu-lak locates in the 2nd house, the native will focus on earning money and accumulating wealth.

The ruling planet also relates to other planets in three roles as described in my book.

In conclusion, the ruling planet is important but is more difficult to read than in-house planet. In chart reading, I consider in-house planet first because it is easy to notice.

In practical chart reading, we can read any planet depending on the most distinctive issues. I do not give any issue as more important just reading in sequence.

Inner planets are sometimes more important than outer planets. For example, the Sun or the Moon in domicile of the 1st house (ASC) or the 2nd house (financial) will result in better quality than Saturn in other houses.

In essence, I base my chart reading on two principles. Firstly, a planet in aspect to ASC will always display such quality and is auspicious. Secondly, a planet without aspect to ASC might or might not display such quality and is inauspicious to the native.

To consider planets and houses is about judging their relationship and conflict implied by aspect between them.

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