Question. – Q-650130: Q-650204

Question. – Q-650130

1.       About the Great Fortune rules of yours, is it required that the native need to have any activities prior to such combination to take effect. In other words, if the native does nothing during such period, he/she should get nothing. Is this correct?

2.       If the no.1 is true, is the native required to have activities implied by meanings of related planets or houses?

 Answer. –

1.       Yes, the native must involve in any activities during such periods such as selling land, buying lottery, trading stocks, or taking examination to get a job.

From my own experience when getting the great fortune combination, I sold my lands twice and amulets with hiking prices without advertising.

Once again during take examination for a job, with more than one hundred contenders, I was the only one who could get this job despite oldest than others and no connection.

Conventional astrological books seldom mention rules that can differentiate between big and small fortune.

2.       This issue has nothing to do with rulership and mostly depend on activities prior to occurrence of the great fortune combination.

No such activities, the result mean nothing and chance to get something should reduce significantly by 20%-30% and mostly rely on the native’s background.

Question. – Q-650204

When transit Jupiter was in conjunction with or in opposition to your ASC, do you have any fortune?

I also suspect about obsession. People who are in obsession with some religion so that they can fight or kill people from other religion without fear of committing sin. Is this the impact of strong Jupiter?

For persons who can be a monk for long or well-recognized, do they have strong Jupiter with weak Rahu-Venus? In other words, can we judge from the horoscope whether the native can be a monk for long period of time.

Answer. –

To fulfill “the Great Fortune” rule, the transit Jupiter must conjunct with the natal Sun and the transit Sun must conjunct with the natal Jupiter.

If the transit Jupiter only conjuncts with ASC or Tanu-lak, there will be no impact just easy-going life.

A person with strong Jupiter will stick to goodness. His or her spending on donation or charity will be extremely high.

He/ She can be deceived to pay for donation till going broke, will not commit sin, not kill animal, not cheat others. This type of person has extreme faith not obsession.

On contrary, a fanatical religious person is in obsession with some belief. The native will have strong Rahu in aspect to ASC and weak Jupiter without aspect to ASC.

Without consciousness, this type of person can kill other people and commit sin.

Obsession can be any issues including religion, mischief, liquor, women, and art (good/bad/neutral).

A person who sticks in goodness in not obsession just preference.

A person who can stay as a monk for long period of time should have strong Jupiter with weak Venus (Venus means sexuality). A man with strong Venus will have extreme sextual feeling and will have affair with women.

Ruhu is secondary judgement. Weak Rahu will help the native keep up with people whereas strong Rahu will be in obsession with something or cheating.

When considering well-recognized monk, you must consider Jupiter, Venus, and Rahu in terms of their strength and weakness and relationship with other planets.

Meanwhile, Mercury will justify quality and articulation of his speech.

(Translated and edited by 23 February 2022, Sittidath Prasertrungruang)

Question. – Q-650201-2-3

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