Case Study 4117.- Equity Analyst

Case Study 4117.- Equity Analyst

Someone asked me about this horoscope and I find it is interesting to be a case study.

Question. –

Q1. – What are Pro and Con If the native works as equity analyst?

Q2.- Venus is in both bad (Fall) and good position (Sub- Domicile with Mercury). In summary, should we treat this Venus position as good or bad?

Q3.- If we treat Venus as Sub-Domicile with Mercury, it is in aspect with ASC (in opposition).

However, if we do not treat Venus as Fall (not in Sub-Domicile), it is not in aspect with ASC (in the 6th house). In summary, should we treat this Venue as in aspect or without aspect with ASC?

Answer. –

A1.With ASC in Aries and Mars (Tanu-lak) in Exaltation, the horoscope is quite strong. The native has good logical, reasoning, and analytical skills.

Without aspect between Mars and ASC, the native is generally not diligent. However, Mars in the 10th house imply that the native will be workaholic.

In other words, the native will be very diligent when working. The native will be lazy when finishing work or do nothing.

With Mercury in Post-Exaltation and Sub-Domicile in opposition to ASC, the native will talkative, fluent speaking, thorough and enjoy with data and information.

With Rahu in Chula Chakra and in opposition to Mars (Tanu-lak), the native’s auspicious careers will relate to stock (investment and trading), management, trick and catching up with trickery.

The native will be in strong obsession to something but will not be skillful at cheating because Rahu and Venus (Art) do not in aspect with ASC.

With Saturn in Fall and Sub-Domicile (with Mars), the native will be serious and thoughtful person, too much pondering, slow working (Saturn) but with hot temper (Mars).

In summary, the native will think so long but after making decision the native will work so quick.

With Jupiter (Tanu-sed) in Raja Yoga and in conjunction with ASC, the native will have conscience and virtue and not in obsession to something for long (Rahu without aspect to ASC), and cheat no one (Jupiter as Tanu-sed).

Pro.- The native is a smart person and good at equity analysis. Auspicious careers will be information and speaking related jobs. Meanwhile stock related job will be inauspicious career even though the native can be good at that job.

Con.- The native’s speaking will straightforward and too much serious (Mercury and Saturn are in conjunction with ASC).

With the 7th house’s ruling planet locating in the 6th house, the native will have conflict with college and will be difficult to work with others but will work better with the native’s senior person (Jupiter in conjunction with ASC).

A2.- Venus in Fall/Sub-Domicile (with Mercury) has both good and bad quality.

As a financial planet (the 2nd house’s ruling planet), Venus is not both good or bad in this position. The native can earn money and build wealth but his/her wealth can be damage easily because Venue in the 6th house will lead to useless spending.

In terms of art and imagination, the native has skillful in both beautiful and bizarre art. However, with Venus in the 6th house, this skill will be inauspicious career and will not be displayed.

A3.-Venus is an outer house planet in the 6th house which is not aspect to ASC. Sub-Domicile planet just implies its quality not its actual position.

Note. –

I do not locate ASC whether it is correct.

If the native is talkative or speak fluently, ASC in Aries should be correct (Mercury in opposition to ASC). However, if the native is not talkative or quiet, ASC should be wrong and need to relocate ASC.

On contrary, with ASC in Taurus or Pisces, everything will change.

The native will be diligent, good logic and stock analysis and be auspicious in stock related career (Mars and Rahu are in aspect to ASC) but will no auspicious in careers relating to data/information and speaking although the native can work well on that (Mercury in Post-Exaltation, Sub-Domicile without aspect to ASC).

However, the native’s cons should be in obsession with something (Rahu in Chula Chakra with aspect to ASC), easily losing consciousness (Jupiter without aspect to ASC), involving deception or mischief.

The native will also not get support from senior persons (Jupiter without aspect to ASC). Other details also need to be reconsidered.

   (Translated and edited by Sittidath Prasertrungruang, 19 June 2022)

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