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Auspicious time for caesarean section

Auspicious timing for caesarean section is the pre-selection of birthdate and birth time to perform a caesarean section in order to get the baby born with horoscope strength and weakness according to parent’s behalf.

In other words, this is the process of casting horoscope chart for a baby who is still in the mother’s womb.

To get specific date and time astrologically for a obstetrician to perform the caesarean section of the baby is called “Auspicious time for caesarean section”.

Timing for caesarean section is a similar mean to mundane astrology (called “Duang Muang” in Thai). Thailand has used date and time as of an establishment of Bangkok city to represent horoscope of the country over 200 years.

Meanwhile, casting horoscope for some buildings or big projects or astrological election (casting horoscope at specific time for use in certain occasion) has been popular used in Thailand from the part to present for auspiciousness and the stability of the business or project.

Casting horoscopes for city/ building-project and time for caesarean are advance actions by tying select horoscope and ASC by use the same principle but are different in details/methods/goals/objects and only large or small scales.

The importance of timing for caesarean section. –

This is an advanced level of astrology which astrologers rarely talk about or disclose because it is often regarded as a mystical and specific subject of individual teacher who seldom teaches it to anyone. 

Mostly, it is still considered as violation of destiny and it will often have a negative effect to astrologer who try to time such auspicious occasions.

Therefore, this subject is generally difficult to find a person to do because there are very few knowledgeable persons who know the subject and are willing to do so. 

There are some astrologers who agree to do so but charging a very high rate for the course. Because each auspicious time could determine the destiny of one’s life. if there is any error in timing, it will be a sin for whole life of such astrologer.

In casting horoscope and locating ASC in this manner is considered as very complicated because all 12 zodiac signs must be considered at the same time in order to choose the best ASC in only one zodiac.

Conventional Thai astrology uses several exception systems which makes thing more complexity. However, with my Thai logical astrology, I have no single exception with clarified meaning of each planet and should result in easier consideration.

But it is still considered quite complicated. Only those who understand this course deeply that can be done without much difficulty.

In this regard, my teacher refused to set the auspicious time for the caesarean section for general person. However, he did only for his relatives or cousin.

For myself I used to do some for my friends’ siblings or someone who I get familiar with and they have faith in my astrological principles. 

I think the people who met me and believed me is one of the fates (because it might change their family). Another fate is that of children who will be born which have several factors to discuss.

Information from my experience. –

From my experience which I gave 10 cases for time for caesarean sections, the result came out as three case studies.

1.         There are 5 cases which cannot find an obstetrician who agrees to perform a caesarean section on given birthdate and birthtime because they do not believe in this issue despite proposal to increase service charge (both public and private hospitals).

2.         There are 3 cases which an obstetrician agrees to perform the surgery but unable to perform surgery on auspicious time because of a premature birth and cannot delay time for operations

3.         There are 2 cases which obstetricians can perform the operation the auspicious time for caesarean section.

Problems in caesarean section on auspicious time.-

The medical problem according to case study 1 is the biggest problem. because most obstetricians refused to do. One obstetrician agreed to do so but he did not available on that time and other obstetrician who was on duty and refused to so. Sometimes the operating room is busy during such period.

Case study 2 is quite strange. There was often premature birth from given birthdate or birth time roughly by 1 day or at least 2-3 hours and caused the ASC and horoscope change from predetermination.

In one case, the husband of a woman who had a caesarean section have relatives who are head nurses in provincial hospitals. He contacted the obstetrician who would perform a caesarean section in advance.

He then moved his wife to that province about 10 days prior to operational schedule.  The obstetrician also gave her the last pregnancy test. and had set a time for giving birth 7 days in advance, saying it was the right time he can be available any day.

When the period comes, I casted the horoscope and located ASC of the baby to perform a caesarean section. 

Fortunately, at that time most planets’ positions were in good position and it easy for me to choose the best ASC which I came up with date and time that is in the middle of the time period that an obstetrician suggested.

When the obstetrician saw my propose date and time, he also said no problem at all can be done comfortably.

However, when the auspicious time came in, the mother became stomach ache, could not hold back and gave birth to the baby naturally only 2 hours before the predetermined time. This caused to ASC to miss one zodiac sign, but still in good horoscope due to good planet positions at that time.

Case study 3 – Only 2 caesareans cases can perform operation at given auspicious time. One case in nephew of my friend. The successful case because they can contact private hospital that have an open policy which parents can choose a schedule for cesarean section by increasing the service fee not much.  

During that time, planets’ positions were mostly at good positions. Good ASC were up to 4-5 zodiac signs (day / night) with the best zodiac signs on the night time and the second best evening time respectively.

The results show that caesarean sections can be performed according to the best times available. It can be counted as the child’s luck. ** Note- The mother is the daughter of a gold shop’s owner.

The other case that was success in a caesarean section as scheduled. But they haven’t been in contact with me for a very long time. Therefore, I do not know the progress.

What is an exact time for caesarean operation?

Time for a caesarean section mentioned above must consider from the time that the cesarean section was successful. The baby got out of the mother’s womb and let out a cry for the first time is the most important criterion (eg. 2.25 pm).

Usually, ASC must be located at the center of the zodiac so that as obstetrician has time to perform operation and to prevent any mistakes from ASC moving (1 zodiac has a duration of about 1 – 2.5 hours).

The obstetrician must start preparing for the cesarean section a little period before the deadline and calculate the duration for operation to be success.

Note. – Placing the ASC in the center of the zodiac must be avoid falling into a bad time in that zodiac sign, which is called “Luke Pit” or poison period for ASC.

This is an important principle that Thai astrologers generally adhere to practice for a long time.

However, my principle does not take it seriously. If it is unavoidable, it is not necessary to avoid because it has almost no effect.

Accuracy of auspicious time in caesarean section

Accuracy in caesarean sections means that the baby should grow up with horoscope according to pre-selection.  Based on my personal experience, I still believe that horoscope which are based on time of caesarean operation is quite accurate and correct according to my following information.

Considering twin cases which mostly require caesarean operation, most cases have different birth time in only a few minutes apart. However, when casting horoscope chart it appears to be right accordingly (see “The issue with twins” on my textbook).

Caesarean section in general based on my knowledge and available information I found that the use of time to perform a caesarean section for predetermined horoscope and ASC is always correct.

However, if the horoscope does not match the character of the native, we need to relocate ASC forward or backward by one zodiac sign (depending on which sign close to that ASC) and this should be a normal practice for an astrologer in both normal birth and caesarean section.

From my direct experience on the auspicious time for caesarean section, I have limited information for making conclusion and need to take a long time until the baby grows into adolescence / adulthood respectively.

But in the case study 3 about the daughter of gold shop’s owner, I me her once several years ago coming with  her daughter at about 3 – 4 years old. 

She came to pay respect to me and introduced me her daughter who  I chose the auspicious time for her caesarean operation.

The children are very easy to raise” and she said that she chose the best auspicious time number 1 (night time) which I remembered that her ASC should in aspect to Jupiter which will be a good person and easy to raise, not stubborn.

Prediction about horoscope of Thailand (Bangkok City) including election time for building construction or large projects has been popular among various Thai astrologers for long time and could imply that this belief has prevail among Thai people.

   (Translated and edited by Sittidath Prasertrungruang, 3 July 2022)

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