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Principles and methods for determining auspicious time for caesarean section

1.Long-term planning

Planning in advance for more than one year is the best by choosing the year that Saturn and Jupiter are in good position (good quality) and during that year other planets including Mars, Mercury, Venus, Moon, and Sun are in good position. 

             If most planets are in good position, determining auspicious time will be easy with several choices (Zodiac) for locating ASC. Even though, we miss locating ASC by one sign, nearby sign should be acceptable.

However, if most planets are in bad location (Fall or Detriment), horoscope will be weak and timing for the best location for ASC will be difficult or none. In this case, we will choose a zodiac for ASC which has least damage to the natives but not good for them.

2. Preparation before determining auspicious time

         Investigate baby’s gender. – In all cases when it is close to the due date, mother’s pregnancy requires an ultrasound to know the gender of the baby so that auspicious time can be determined.

        If the gender of baby is female, following conditions must be emphasized. –

           –  Locate ASC in zodiac that is in aspect to the Moon. The native will be sweet, charming, in decent manner and not heterosexual.

           – The 7th house’s ruling planet must not locate in the 8th, 6th, 12th house to avoid couple with die apart, difficulty, conflict and far away. Also, Uranus must not locate in the 7th house. Otherwise, the natives will change partner at least one time in their life or several times for some persons.

This condition should be considered for male baby but female will be more serious issue.

3. Procedures for determining auspicious time for caesarean section

         3.1 Determine duration to perform a caesarean section by an obstetrician.-  The duration should be not more than 7-10 days before operation.

       When the duration from the obstetrician has arrived, we will begin to determine rough date and time for caesarean section which is usually set in the middle of the such duration.

For example, if an obstetrician schedules date for operation between the 1st and the 10th of the month, we should select the day between 4th to 6th of that month depending on the best planet position.

          3.2 Determine the date / month / year to perform a caesarean section

From the 3-day periods according to 3.1, we will determine exact date and time for operation by justifying positions and qualities of all planets.

Taking note in papers and determine any planet in transition between signs by use of Thai astrology program or ephemeris.

We need to justify planet in transition between signs deliberately especially for the Moon which transits between sign in each 2.5 days (taking note for date and time of its transit to another sign).

We look at all aspects amongst planets and locate ASC to get the best horoscope and then we should come up with date and time for operation.

           3.3 Determine the hours / minutes to perform a caesarean section. – Processes for casting horoscope and locating ASC.

           – If using Thai astrology program, enter the date/month/year according to 3.2 and use the time as shown in the program first. After you press “OK” and the program has already worked, try to change “hours” and press “OK” to see the result of the change.

Do this several times until ASC is in the pre-selected zodiac sign.         

The next step is to change only the “minute” field. Do the same thing multiple times (both forward and backward time) until obtaining the minute that makes ASC in the middle of the zodiac.

          Every change in times must be checked ASC and planets position for any change in sign to get the best available time which this process is quite delicate and difficult.

        -The use of ASC plate in accompany by planets position from Thai astrology program will help determining hours / minutes easier. But this method is not recommended for the general people.

         After getting the auspicious time, we should recheck everything one more time to prevent any mistake.

         From my experience, there are often accidently changes in the schedule of caesarean sections from the scheduled by 2-3 hours or 1 day.

We need to urgently justify a new auspicious time which often cause horoscope as not good as previous one.

Auspicious time for caesarean section 1/3

Auspicious time for caesarean section 3/3

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