Question. – Q-650224-25

  Question. – Q-650224

 -There are some gurus who sell expensive textbooks, claiming their predictions in details. Are that possible or too exaggeration of newcomers?

 -Some old textbooks have horoscopic charts of elites or celebrities such as   General, Lady, Bishop and world leaders by referring these charts standard patterns of planet combinations such as Jatusadai (planets in four angles of chart),

Trikon (planets in triangles of chart), Malaiyoka (planets in six consecutive signs) and so on. Do these mislead newcomers to believe that astrology can predict accurate social rank?

Answer. –

Most people and newcomers have too high expectations on accuracy and details of astrological prediction.

Everyone expects high accuracy for astrology without mistake.  I have already discussed about pro and cons of its accuracy if it exists.

However, it should take much time up to 2 years to enhance their accuracy and require them to keep patient study with real interest.

Based on my information, I have never met someone who can make such accurate predictions with statistical proof.

Most new comers have too high expectations and impatient to study. They want easy reading materials with quick and accurate predictions without studying basic principles and complexity of the subject.  Because of their intolerance, most of them will not be successfully in astrology.

Question. – Q-650225

I think in some cases passengers who are in injury or death from car accident are caused by bad horoscope of drivers not passengers. In other words, there is nothing to do with the horoscope of such passengers. Am I correct? 

Answer. –

Mass accidents, mass deaths or mass destruction are one of the most difficult to understand issue in astrology. Atomic bomb in Hiroshima City, City collapse in China or Tsunami caused thousands of deaths.

Astrologers often refer these events to country or city horoscope which is explained in a branch of Mundane astrology. But there is no clear explanation on that issue yet.

In case of some small-scale event such as private car accident, we can explain such situation by analyzing relationship between horoscopes of both drivers and passengers.

In other cases, we can analyze horoscopes related persons who cause direct impact to the event.

For example, when a person cheats some persons and make them in trouble which lead to their suicidal. Relationship between horoscope of related persons should be the case.

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