Question. – Q-650226-0303

Question. – Q-650226

Why astrologers never open a discussion on limitation of astrology on what can or cannot be predicted by astrology?

Some astrologers claim for hidden secret which cannot be disclosed. However, there is no proof whether such secret work or really exist.

I think your Astrological principles are quite logical and reasonable which might to favor some people who believe in mystery or miracle.

Answer. –

Yes, I used to offer this approach. But several people say that it was nonsense and deviates from the ancient taught or unorthodox and disrespect.

Someone once asked me if I’ve ever received “The oath”.

Prior to entry some astrological schools, you must accept “The oath” by vowing that you will not act against teaching and this manner will be considered as serious offense, breaking an oath, or ingratitude.

I don’t want to waste my time arguing with anyone who do not believe and let them go.

Astrology teaches us that any kind of person will be that kind of person.

To change their belief and attitude is very difficult and almost impossible.

For example, a lazy person cannot turn into a diligent person. A talkative person cannot change into quiet person. To prevent desperate person from deception will not be possible.

I translated my text book into English version on the hope of spreading Thai astrology to the international level.

I think foreigners should be able to accept my principle because it is logical, reasonable, not rely on belief and this could be a universal principle. Foreigners should accept my principle easier than general Thai people who adhere to conventional one.

Now I feel like I’m wrong because very few people are interested in my subject. Currently, However, just more than 10 volumes have been purchased for paperback and hardcover.

Now I only hope that one day my principle will be known and widespread.

At least I can boast that my book is the first time in the world which presents Thai astrology that are published internationally


You come before the time. I understand that there is no Thai astrology book available in English version except for just one book published many years ago.

Answer. –

I’ve seen one belonging to a former Thai Deputy Minister of Finance on Amazon for the last 10 years. But that one is about general issue not about all teaching like mine.

Translated by Sittidath Prasertrungruang (, 14 April 2022.

Question. – Q-650303

      According to your article on Mars-Saturn,  Difficulty Pairs, I want you to clarify the real meaning of Mars.

1.         Mars means logic. A person with dominant Mars should have reasoning ability, and good logic. Is this mean not believe thing easily?

      Probably you do not mean a person who try to find reasons to argue with others which could easily cause conflicts among them.

Or you do not mean a rational person who can keep calm, and is able to listen to different opinions and can understand the limitations and accept the differences of each person which this is probably the meanings of Jupiter.

2.         Why are these Mars-Saturn pairs often treated as Accidental Pairs? When seeing these pairs in horoscope chart, some astrologers often relate their meaning to an accident or surgery/operation.  When reading chart, I often interpret as the native will often do unplanned things while often do nothings for things in his/her plan.

3.         I often found Mars-Rahu in impatient and angry person with less tolerance to emotions, violent person, or hooligan.  So, I’m wondering how Mars can be related to logic.

Answer. –

1.Mars means diligence, courage, openness, impetuous, anger, good logic (rational thinking), as well as technical skills.

        The logic means for a rational person who does not believe anything easily If there is not enough reason (not stubbornness).

        However, Mars alone will make a strong personality person to become hard, rude, impatient, angry, speaks without thinking (because of impatience), or like to use force to fight.

         In order to fulfil use of logic or reasoning, Mercury which means thoroughness and information orientation must also aspect ASC (whether good or bad quality). Or Mercury must be in good quality if it has no aspect to ASC.

         In addition, Jupiter which means conscience and virtue must aspect ASC to support speaking consciously, calm down, argue rationally, honestly, and be mindful of listening.

         Several planets instead of any single planet must be considered together to justify for any issue.

      In conclusion. – Mars or logic, reasoning / Jupiter of mindfulness and calm have separate meaning with different impact to the native.

2.         Mars are planet of Health while Uranus means uncertainty. So, Mars-Uranus should consider as Accidental Pairs.  With these two planets in aspect with each other, the native will face problem on health or accident no matter they aspect ASC (lower impact if there is no aspect to ASC).         To undergo surgery or operation is a part of health or accident.

Thinking, planning, and deliberation are meanings of Saturn not Mars. Good quality Saturn in the 6th, 8th,12th house mean that the native might do things without following his/her plan.

3.         Rahu is a stubborn, cheater, a gangster, risk taker while Mars is a person who is rational, logical, impatient, angry, rational courage, does not take risks. Mars-Rahu combination will result a person who has mixed characters (not contradict each other).

However, with Jupiter in aspect to ASC, the native will be prudent, virtuous, and calm.

Quality of all planets and their percentage relationship with ASC must be compared to justify their influence.

         An angry person who is unable to suppress his emotions, is violent, often likes to use force might be because Mars in aspect to ASC but Jupiter without aspect to ASC.

         Gangsters might have strong Rahu (cheating) and Mars (likes to use force) in aspect to ASC without Jupiter in  aspect to ASC (lack of conscience).

Tanu-lak also imply true nature of the native. For example, Tanulak is Jupiter for a native with ASC in Pisces or Sagittarius. His soft-hearted and virtuous character will not likely to become a rogue gangster. But a person with Tanu-lak in Mars, Saturn or Rahu will have more chance to be such person.

         Thai astrology is very profound and complex subject. To justify any issue, we must look at all planets and their related factors carefully and thoroughly.

   (Translated and edited by Sittidath Prasertrungruang, 24 July 2022)

Question. – Q-650224-25

Question. – Q-650414/0519

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