Question. – Q-650701

Question. – Q-650701

I would like to ask about some issues in your book as follows.

1. What is the concrete meaning of the Moon?

2. Have any concrete meanings for planets that refer to human? For example, the Moon means mother or woman and the Sun means father or man, etc.

3. In Horoscope chart no. 3037 on page 139, Mars as Tanu-lak in the 6th house in Aries has no aspect to ASC in Scorpius. However, Aries and Scorpius join the same ruling planet (Mars).

In this case, do you use this relationship for chart reding? Otherwise, Mars should be prominent and the native should be suitable for debt collector or quarrel with villagers to get money.

4. To my understanding, you only use inner house planet to justify the native potential and do not use the combination of two houses for reading chart.

For example, Mars is both Tanu-lak and the ruling planet of the 6th house. We don’t need the consider where ruling planet of house that Tanu-lak locate. Am I correct?

5. In Horoscope chart on Page 145, several planets are in conjunction with ASC (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Rahu conjunct ASC in Sagittarius). You say that Rahu is stronger than Jupiter. Is this because Rahu in Pre-Exaltation is stronger than Jupiter in its Domicile?

6. My doubt is that in Indian/Western astrology that consider only few standard positions such as Domicile and Exaltation, Jupiter in Domicile should stronger than Rahu (no standard position in non-Thai Astrology).

Also, you do not weight planets’ strengths based on their size (Jupiter should stronger than smaller planets) or non-planet (Rahu). Am I correct?

Answer. –

1. Moon has no concrete meaning just only abstract ones.

2. None either. Each planet has its clear meaning as primary color. In fact, each planet has lots of meanings in everything such as gender, shape, organ, mineral, metal, hill, height, low, etc.

Every textbook will identify and distinguish them it details. However, from my experience and knowledge, such meanings have uncertainty.

Therefore, I do not emphasize or give special importance to such meanings but I do not accept or reject such meanings and with for further proof. But there are some accurate mearings from my experience.

For example, Rahu means a woman or a man who is older than the native or a widow or a handicap person. In the mineral, Rahu means clay/rock, the Sun means gold ore, Mars mean iron ore. Other than that, there is not enough information to mak conclusions.

3. I do not apply the concept of sharing domicile house. In other words, Aries has no relationship with Scorpius. With Tanu-lak in the 6th house, the native always seek trouble and volunteer to do something that does not belong to he/her own issue.

This is not mean that he/she want to argue or quarrel with someone to get money. Debt collection work must look combination of other planets not only single planet. Please read "Career Prediction" section.

4. Correct. Look at ruling planet in any house should be enough (single layer). If you look through the second layer (another ruling planet of such house), the accuracy will be reduced significantly or no certainty.

5. Based on quality comparison, strength of a planet in Post-Exaltation will be stable. Meanwhile, that of a planet in Domicile will increase gradually. Therefore, in the begin to the middle of life, a planet with Post-Exaltation should have more powerful than Domicile planet.

Even though for the late of life, sometimes Post-Exaltation planet has more powerful than Domicile planet. For example, Rahu in conjunction with ASC is very scary. I just update my current information on Rahu the new e-book/paperback version.

6. By general standard position, all textbooks seem to treat domicile as the most important position. For me, I give domicile position as the most important only in terms of its application because this is basic position that we must remember, use and refer to frequently.

However, its terms of its quality and strength, I rank Domicile position as in the 4th s (see the Comparison of Planets’ Quality section).

About large/small planets, I don’t care about its size but more emphasis on its position and quality.

For example- If a small planet such as the Sun, The Moon, Mercury, or Venus has good quality and strong position such as in conjunction with ASC, in the 2nd or 7th house, it will make the native strong financially and even better than larger planet in other positions.


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