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Regarding the transit prediction on page 191 that you talk personal planets. I suspect that the native with ASC in Cancer which has the Moon as his/her personal planet. His or her life will be more changeable than others because the Moon in fast moving planet.

On contrary, the life of the native with ASC in Capricorn with Saturn as his/her personal planet will probablynot change much because Saturn is slow moving planet. Am I correct?

Answer. –

Yes, that’s correct.

If the Moon is the 2nd house’s ruling planet which stay 2.5 days in each zodiac, the native will be suitable for making money frequently and quickly.

If the Sun, Mercury, or Venus is the 2nd house’s ruling planet which stay 30 days in each zodiac, the native will be suitable for working for salary or monthly payment.

With Saturn which stay 2.5 years in each zodiac, the native will have good luck and unlucky in every 2.5 years.

If Saturn is the 2nd house’s ruling planet, the native’s financial status will change slowly and suitable for long term investment. There is no these principles in other textbooks.

Question.-  Q-650706

About Aspect issue on page 46 ( Paperback), you say that planets in the 4th  and the 10th house (square with ASC) have no aspect and have no relationship with ASC. Is this correct?

It is to my surprise because both conventional Thai and Indian/Western astrology give very high importance to the house of 1-4-7-10 from ASC.

In other words, do you imply that the 4th and 10th house have less importance to the native than the 1st and 7th house?

Answers –

The 4th and 10th house have no aspect to (no relationship) with ASC. No text book (on Thai astrology) defines this relationship.

Relationship among planets defined by aspects only includes Conjunction, Opposition, Sextile and Trine.

I give the highest importance to the 1st and 7th house.

Despite no aspect to ASC, the 2nd house (financial house) is also very importance. Meanwhile, the 10th house has insignificant importance. It only tells whether the native is workaholic or changes jobs frequently.

Other issues can be explained by the combination of planets and their details (see Prediction of Career)

I myself have Uranus-Moon in the 10th house. Several teachers tell me that I must work with women-related job or mysteries.

This is incorrect. Moreover, my 4th house’s ruling planet in the 5th house also has no meaning.

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  1. thanks for sharing.

    if the moon is in the 10th house, will the native tend to change jobs often?

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