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About calculation for Tanu-sed on page 276 (Paperback) (Chalermchai Case study), you locate his ASC at Aquarius and get Saturn as Tanu-sed (Count from ASC to Rahu in Sagittarius , then count from Rahu to Jupiter in Gemini to get =11*7=77 then divide by 7 without remainder. Therefore, 7 (Saturn) is Tanu-sed.

However, if we count from ASC to Saturn in Libra and then count from Saturn to Venus in Sagittarius to get =9*3=27 then divide by 7 with the remainder of 6. Therefore, 6 (Venus) is Tanu-Sed.

1. By principle, we divide the multiplying result by 7 should imply that we do not accept 8 (Rahu) as Tanu-Sed but why we accept 8 (Rahu) as Tanu-lak. This seems to contradict each other.

2. To my opinion, Venus as Tanu-Sed in conjunction with Rahu should reflect the native’s habit as he has worked for his own sake by combining Western painting with Thai Classical form and was criticized by Thai conventional artists.

Answers .-

1. Ruling planet for Aquarius is only Rahu (8). Even though, Saturn is domicile planet in Aquarius, it is not ruling planet of Aquarius but Capricorn.

Therefore, when calculating Tanu-Sed, we must count from Aquarius to the house that Rahu locates not that of Saturn.

2. Working for his sake should imply his self-confidence which can explained by Rahu (obsession, big-heartedness, risk taker) and detriment Sun (dignity, foolish arrogance) in conjunction with ASC.

With Venue (Maha Chakra) in sextile to ASC, the native can also create avant-garde art.

With Venus as Tanu-sed, the native tends to have imagination, dreaming, entertaining.

Tanu-lak and Tanu-sed are separate issues. Tanu-lak is very important to consider in many steps, especially in transiting prediction.

Meanwhile, Tanu-sed has only one meaning (use only one time) which is general habit of the native in natal chart and is not use in transiting prediction.

Notice. – The sum of ruling planet of the house (Tanu-lak) that are in opposite to each other is equal to 9.

Rahu(8) / Ketu (9) and Uranus (10) are identity of Thai astrology and do not appear in other astrology. The principle of using these three planets was found by Thai astrologers in ancient time after accept such knowledge from the west.

Formerly, Thai astrologers apply only 7 planets ie., from the Sun to Saturn. Later, they apply Rahu (8) as a domicile.

However, Tanu-sed has no record on its first use.

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