Problem with a program for casting horoscope chart

 A-650920 :Problem with a program for casting horoscope chart

The most concern issue for me in dissemination of Thai astrology is the process for locating positions of the ten planets, casting horoscope chart and locating ASC (in what zodiac) as they are the most important process prior to chart reading.

In the past, a Thai astrologer will use Ephemeris (Astrological calendar) called “100-year calendar” book to locate position of all planets in zodiac.

Then, an astrologer uses spinning disc called “Lukkana Samrej” for locating ascendant position. This process is difficult and require skillful astrologers who have good knowledge about the subject.  

It is not easy for general person to use this method.   Even today, this method is popularly used among Thai astrologers as it is a standard method with most accuracy.

At present, some programmers develop computer programs and applications to calculate the position of all planets and Ascendant and display the result in forms of chart, picture and details. Birthdate or any given date including time can be changed easily and quickly.

Nowadays, astrology program/ applications can make chart casting process much easier (with high accuracy but without standard yet due to different calculated positions among application despite little difference) and distribute via lots of websites.

There are also some 4 to 5 applications running on mobile phone (both iOS and Android), most of which are difficult to use for beginners and even for Thai users.

Even though I have introduced the easiest program and have taught how to use it in detail, but I think it’s still difficult for foreigners who use non-Thai languages.

Initially, I had an intention to solve this problem by developing my own program. But it has to be done by hiring an expert who has well knowledge in Thai astrology, formula for calculation of planet positions and computer programming.

There are very rare persons to do this and most of them often operate and develop their own websites about Thai astrology. Some websites may propose chart reading services or selling some products.

Therefore, service charge for developing such program is very high and was often rejected by developers despite having synergy benefit to their websites.

I didn’t have an opportunity to develop a program for casting horoscope chart to solve this problem. Hopefully, when Thai astrology has been disseminated and widely accepted at international level, someone may see this as a chance to develop the program for a widely use.

Thai astrology is also a mysterious subject, is difficult to study and to understand.  However, it is a subject that was inherited for several hundred years as a guidance for many people.

It should benefit someone who understand and can apply on their own benefits.

Although, the practice of Thai astrology is still difficult for you especially for foreigners, you are a pioneer who get an opportunity to learn and master this subject prior to others which might follow.

Therefore, please consider deliberately whether you are willing to take a chance in order to get this opportunity or not.

(Translated and edited by Sittidath Prasertrungruang,

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