Predictions 2023-2

Predictions 2023-2

There is another person who asked me for my chart reading for his 2023 course of life as above horoscope chart.

 Here are my chart readings.

 So far, your life is quite smooth since Jupiter is in conjunction with your ASC which mean you have got support from your seniors and bosses.

However, you might have some financial problem, loss in properties, large expenditure because of transiting Rahu and Uranus in your financial house.

Transiting Saturn in sextile with your ASC for two years also imply your working hard with tiresomeness.

 On 1st of March 2023, Saturn will transit into Aquarius, you will be much more comfortable with much less tiresomeness.

 On 8th of March 2023, Uranus will move out of your financial house and transit into Taurus which will be sextile to you ASC.

Your expenditure will be much lessened but the planet will cause damage to your health instead. Beware your health problem and accident for 7 years.

 On 19 th of April 2023, Jupiter will transit into Aries, your comfort will come to an end. Your seniors and you bosses will not support you anymore. You must rely on your skill and expert for one year.

 On 17 th of October 2023, Rahu will transit into Pisces and in conjunction with your ASC. Your financial situation will be better but Rahu will have cause damage to yourself in terms of difficulty in nonsense issues for 1.5 years.

 Your financial planet (Mars) in Post-Exaltation is quite strong and can support you. You should expedite you work despite any difficulty.

 These are my short predictions due to lack of our conversation in more details.

Actually, chart readings like this might not be acceptable in professional way (chart reading with service fee).

I recommend elaborate more on details. Astrologers with art of speaking and psychology will gain advantage.

Predictions 2023-1

A-660407 -“รหัสวิทยา” Reference

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