A-660415 – How to justify and relocate ASC in details

How to justify and relocate ASC in details

       It appears that someone has sent an email requesting help to justify his ASC and relocate it. I find this interesting and think it can serve as an example for others to learn. Therefore, I have compiled the questions, answers, and explanations in the follows:


I bought a Thai Astrology Logical Style e-book. I am interested in the concept of justifying ASC as explained by you. Even if we know the exact birth time, it is necessary to justify ASC. If the personality of the native does not match with ASC (according to birth time), it is necessary to relocate ASC.

       I would like you to help me justifying my ASC. I was born on the 2nd of August, 1992 at 23:13. I have attached three horoscope charts with ASC in Aries, Pisces, and Aquarius respectively. Based on value setting according to your advice, all planets have little move and locate at the same zodiac (in three charts).

      Normally, ASC would be in Pisces (based on birthtime). However, when I justify my personality, it is somewhat similar to Aquarius. I set the 4th of November, 2021 at 19:30 as transit date.

One this date, my girlfriend, who has been with me for 9 years, suddenly broke up with me without any prior argument. Can this incident used to justify ASC?


        1. I used the software to move time forward and backward for many rounds as follows:

       Based on the birth time of 23:13, ASC is in Pisces.

       Then, I tried moving forward by one hour at 00:13 on the 3rd of August, 1992, ASC became Aries. I tried moving backward from 00:13 by 5 and 1 minute to see any change.

ASC was in Aries till 00:08 and in Pisces at 00:07. In summary, timespan of your ASC in Pisces (birthtime) and Aries (at 00:08 on the 3rd of August) are 55 minutes.

       By moving backward by 1 hour which is 22:13 at the 2nd of August, 1992, ASC is in Pisces.  I tried moving backward from 22:13 by 5 and 1 minute to see any change. ASC was in Pisces till 22:09 and in Aquarius at 22:08. In summary, timespan of your ASC in Pisces (birthtime) and Aquarius (22:08) are 1 hour and 5 minutes.

      In summary, your original birth chart was almost in the middle of Pisces, which is quite difficult to determine where ASC in the new birth chart should belong to. However, in this case, ASC in the original birth chart is closer to Aries.

Generally, I would consider the adjacent zodiac sign as the first option (which is usually the case). Therefore, in this case, Aries should be used as the main sign for ASC, with the time of 00:08 on the 3rd of August, 1992, as the starting point.

        Then, I use the method of adding time (if the zodiac sign is backward, the time will be reduced) by 10-20 minutes per session, while observing that ASC must not change, but the position of some planets and Tanu-sed may change.

If there is a change, it must be checked whether it is accurate and consistent with the character and life of the native. If it matches, then the changed time can be used until the most accurate position is obtained.

        For this case, I tried adding 10 minutes at a time, and it was found that by the time it reached 00:50, there was no change in the position of the planets (including Tanu-sed – because if the position of the planets changes, the Tanu-Sed will also change).

      Therefore, it can be concluded that for this chart, the birth date and time to be used is the 3rd of August, 1992 at 00:18 (adding at least 10 minutes from the time when the planet moved into Aries to make it closer to the original sign, but to avoid confusion when using different chart calculation programs, which may yield different results).

       2.  About clear-cut justification of ASC, I wrote in the textbook that using Mercury is to best way the justify ASC. In your case, if you are good at speaking, naturally talkative, your ASC is likely Pisces due to Mercury in aspect to your ASC at your birthtime. However, if you do not speak much, then your ASC is likely Aries or Aquarius (closer to Aries, you should check Aries first).

       Another decisive factor is Tanu-lak. Pisces is kind and gentle-hearted. While Aries are diligent and strong, and Aquarius is stubborn.  However, this is inner habit which might not show on its appearance.

      Transiting planets sometimes can be used to justify ASC but not much distinctive.

      For example, if your ASC is Aries, it indicates that you may have problems with your partner because during that time, transiting Uranus was in conjunction with ASC and in opposition to the 7th house. And Venus, the ruler of the 7th house was also in conjunction with natal Uranus (see picture). 


Thank you for helping me answer my question. However, I do not speak much as telling by my father, mother, sister, ex-girlfriend. So, felt that Pisces did not fit me well, and I ended up selling textbooks. But now I have come across a technique for justifying ASC. So, I intend to study it again.


      If you do not speak much, I am confident that your ASC is Aries or Aquarius. Combined with other factors, it is likely that your ASC is much likely Aries.

     A person whose ASC is almost in the middle of the zodiac signs is difficult to decide whether to move forward or backward.  In general, I tend to move to the zodiac sign closest to the original ASC.

      However, the problem is the accuracy of recorded birthtime. There might be some error in the recording time by nurses/physicians, who may not record it immediately but use retrospective questioning.

Moreover, birthtime in the past might based on the time of cutting the umbilical cord or the first cry which was an astrological principle, which might not be clear or match with current medical practice.

    Therefore, a deviation of only 10-20 minutes is sufficient to make ASC on the middle of zodiac sign leaning towards one sign more than another. In this case, it is necessary to justify moving forward or backward by one zodiac sign every time. (In the case of twins, ASC can be moved by 2 zodiac signs.)

(Translated and edited by Sittidath Prasertrungruang, uchujaro@yahoo.com)

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