Notification about Website Closure: “Astrology Thai Logical Style”

 Notification about Website Closure: “Astrology Thai Logical Style”; “โหราศาสตร์ไทย แนวตรรกะ” and “พระเครื่องเรื่องโหราสารพัด”

      I would like to inform you about the closure of my three websites effective from October 16, 2023. the leasing of hosting and domain name will be expired and I have no plan to renew them due to following reasons:

     I have developed these websites since October 16, 2019, by studying and working on everything myself for cost saving on hiring some assistant.

I rented one hosting service that allowed me to develop three websites which required the purchase of three domain names with recurring cost on yearly basis. The cost for doing this alone is roughly 6,000-7,000 baht per year.

      However, the only source of income comes from selling e-books on two Thai websites (in both Thai and English version) and selling e-books /paper back /hardcover books on (in English). The revenue from them has been modest and just covering the fixed expenses.

     The key challenge in maintaining my websites is the regular need for updates, both for the main program and sub-programs (plugins), including automatic updates and manual updates, especially for essential programs such as virus protection programs, visitor statistics tracking programs, and SEO optimization programs. It is necessary to continuously follow their recommendations and upgrade programs to higher versions.

     Almost all plugins needed for these updates are free of charge. But purchasing cost if need is quite high. Currently, some important plugins cause some problems such as stopping operations, deleting old data, and starting from scratch. It seems to force me to pay for paid-version and to reinstall them at high cost and not one time payment.

    To upgrade programs according to their guidelines, seem to be difficult for me and almost everyone who is not a professional in the field. They involve numerous technical terms and techniques.  Sometimes, I have to seek assistance from the hosting service for problem-solving (which posed challenges in terms of language communication).

Regarding plugins, there are various owners, making it even more complicated. In conclusion, the maintenance and development for these websites have been the most challenging aspect for me as a non- professional.

       Currently, I am 73 years old, and the content on the websites is considered complete and comprehensive in terms of the main subject and important details. It is now an appropriate time to permanently close the websites by not renewing the hosting lease from October 16, 2023, onward.

      However, the selling of e-books, paperback, and hardcover books on the aforementioned three websites will continue as before.

      For those who have purchased my books or those who are interested in the subject, if you encounter any problems, need advice, or have inquiries regarding the subject of Thai astrology (specifically logical style),

I am still happy to respond and provide guidance as before. Please contact me via the followingemail addresses:

     Note: During this period, there is another topic I intend to write about, and you can still reach me regarding the issue.

(Translated and edited by Sittidath Prasertrungruang,

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