A variety of issues

A-660630 A variety of issues

      Astrology Thai Logical Style, which follows a logical approach, is a discipline that uses reasoning and factual data in its evaluation process. When using this discipline, one must always consider in connection to the reality.

      For instance, every person can possess both good and bad qualities, strengths and weaknesses within themselves and these qualities will not restrain each other but will appear as multiple aspects in individual.

     For example, a person with strong quality in both Rahu and the Sun might not be a cheating person due to his/her dignity but he/she can be obsession in something without any help from his/her pride.

     Thai Astrology, with its logical approach, is highly accurate in predicting human traits. It can provide instant insights by observing birth charts (although verification may require additional time).

It is considered highly beneficial in selecting friends, choosing employees, investing in partnerships, and finding romantic partners.

       In selecting friends, it is highly advantageous to understand the personality of the individuals with whom you associate or engage in activities. What we know or perceive may not be the complete truth. Particularly when money or hidden benefits are involved, one must exercise caution.

       If we understand a person’s true character, we can choose the appropriate way to engage or participate in activities with them, without becoming excessively emotional or suffering minimal harm.

      For example, if the person is dishonest (strong Rahu in aspect to ASC), lacks integrity (weak Jupiter or Jupiter does not aspect to ASC), and has weak financial planet (ruler of the 2nd house), it is advisable not to associate with he/she.

      If it is necessary to associate with he/she due to being family or employees, it is advisable to keep them away from financial matters and assign he/she to auditing or marketing departments (with strict monitoring system).

     If the person is good (strong Jupiter in aspect to ASC) and weak Rahu (does not aspect to ASC), it is possible to associate with he/she. If the financial planet quality is strong, he/she can be chosen as business partners.

     However, excessively strong Jupiter (in Exaltation and in conjunction/opposite to ASC) might be harm. He/she can be too good person and subject to be deceive by others such as cheating for donation.

This person can be assigned to the accounting or finance department (if Mercury and Mars are in aspect to ASC).

      Two planets I often use are Rahu and Jupiter. They are easily observable and there is no need to delve into details or exceptions.

       If I could see the birth chart without knowing the birth time, I can determine ASC just by considering his/her talkativeness and can cut off ASC into six zodiac signs.  Afterward, it becomes clear whether Rahu and Jupiter in aspect to ASC.

      After considering these factors, one can gradually assess how to engage or associate with a person.

      For example: keep a safe distance, engage but do not trust, trust but with caution regarding financial matters, or trust without expecting harm (although caution should still be exercised in all matters).

      This is all I can recall for today. I will continue with the rest later.

(Translated and edited by Sittidath Prasertrungruang,uchujaro@yahoo.com)

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