Various Issue-3: A personal background is of importance

Various Issue -3: A personal background is of importance

       A personal background refers to the things that one carries with them from birth. This issue is already explained in my text book.   In this article, I will elaborate them with examples to enhance your understanding.

      Persons who born at the same date and time have similar astrological characteristics in every aspect. However, their differences in countries or families can result significantly in their destiny.

For example, there is a Cambodian woman who works as a housekeeper of one hotel in Thailand. Her horoscope is quite strong with strong financial planet. She is a quiet person, good-hearted, hardworking and thrifty. She also manages money well which in-line with astrological principle.

  Upon investigating her history, she is Cambodian and has a husband of the same nationality, with three children. They come to work in Thailand to escape poverty. Her husband is physically strong and worked hard, earning a substantial income that he gives to his wife.

However, he has a drinking problem and faces several major accidents, leading to significant expenses for medical treatment.

From reading her chart, I advise that she should save some money and invest in something while in Thailand or when returning to Cambodia. Her financial and other planets support her and gives her a chance to become wealthy or establish herself.

In this case, it’s disappointed that she was born in a country and a socio-economic status that didn’t provide many opportunities (her personal background). Moreover, she has a burden in the form of her husband (Life cycle determined by transit planets).

  Another person is a Thai woman who works at the same place with the same position as the first person. Her horoscope chart matches her personality in every aspect. She is a good person, hardworking, patient, and financially stable enough to live comfortably with money saving.

However, she was born into a poor family and married with a man who has average education but is not diligent nor tolerant, cannot work with others, extravagant, ineffective working.

Another significant aspect of personal background is heredity. For someone who has healthy parents without any severe chronic illnesses with long live, if his/her horoscope has no Uranus in aspect to ASC or Tanu-Lak, it indicates this person will have a long live as well as his/her parents.

They will have good health and won’t encounter many accidents. If his/her horoscope relates to Uranus in aspect to ASC or Tanu-Lak, it indicates that he/she will have good health but often experience accidents both major and minor.

There are many examples of this, but one clear case is a person whose mother is currently 96 years old, healthy, with a sharp memory, good complexion, still able to eat well (albeit with a few missing teeth), and only suffers from mild diabetes.

By examining her horoscope, there is Uranus in aspect to ASC indicating that accidents have frequently occurred in her life, such as fractured legs from falling down stairs multiple times and injuries from kitchen knives. (Her mother also has long live).

Regarding the person in question, her horoscope is not too strong as her Tanu-lak in Detriment and in the 7th house which is in opposite to ASC with Mars in the sextile to and Uranus in aspect to ASC. In sum, Uranus in aspect to ASC, Tanu-Lak and Mars.

Nonetheless, she has never experienced any serious illnesses and enjoys excellent health even though she is 66 years old. She works hard and can handle heavy work.

However, she has experienced many accidents in her life, like car accidents resulting in being thrown off the road, motorcycle accidents causing flips, and slipping and falling, leading to arm fractures.

In conclusion, she is lucky to have good heredity from her parents. If she has no good heredity, her life may experience regular illnesses.

(Translated and edited by Sittidath Prasertrungruang,

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