How to use the application “ผูกดวงไทย” for casting horoscope chart

How to use the application “ผูกดวงไทย for casting horoscope chart

The website “” that  I recommend for casting horoscope chart has been inactive and cannot be use for a while with unknown reasons.

In this regard, I would recommend another application which works well and has many features with high accuracy and easy to use. This application operates on smartphones and tablets with both iOS and Android version.

For iOS version, it costs only 499 baht (one-time charge) and can be installed on multiple devices using the same Apple ID.

     Pic1.Display on iOS             Pic2. Display on Android

The following example will show installation process on smartphone.

Firstly, search for the application called “ผูกดวงไทย“  in App Store for iOS (see pic1) or Play Store for Android (see pic2) in the search bar (circle no.1). When the icon of application appears, press installation icon (see pic1 circle no.2) and wait until installation is complete.

Pic3.Display on iOS         Pic4.Display on Android

When running the application for the first time, the application displays above screen (see pic3 and pic4). You can cast horoscope charts with a limited number of trial times.

Then, if you want to keep it for permanent use, you can unlock the application by pressing the icon (see pic3. above screen on the right-hand side on number 10). Then application will bring you to payment page which you have lot of payment channels.

Smartphones with iOS and Android platform have slightly different display or texts on their screens. In this example, my explanation is based on iOS phone (see pic3).

** Setting mode (if any),  select:

Sunrise time 06.00 (fixed).

Location .- Bangkok (default value of the application and no need to change into real location) and no adjustment of local time is required.

Explanation and basic instruction. –

1.         Zone A represents information on Date and Time (see pic5)

–           The 1st line is the birthdate and birthtime of the native

–           The 2nd line is age of the native (to current date or date of prediction)

–           The 3rd line is current date or date of prediction.

The information display on the screen is based on input data and cannot be changed directly. When opening an application for the first time, birthdate and date of prediction including time will be the same.


2.         Zone B represents natal chart which all planets represent in Thai numeric character in the circle of chart and symbol “ล“ represents ASC position (see pic6). Touch the button to toggle display to other screens which I will explain later.


Outside the circle represent Zodiac name in Thai with fixed position that can be changed into House name (according to ASC) and position of transit planets (in Arabic numeric symbol) by pressing the button – I will explain this part later.

3. Zone C represents slide bar which the users can use their fingers to slide on the red bar to change the planet positions to required date (see pic7). Use upper bar to change date and lower bar to change month.

Positions of planets outside the circle will also change accordingly if it is in “transit planets” mode. Toggle amongst modes by pressing the button number 9 on the upper left-hand side several times (see pic3). Details will be explained in the next part.

If users want more details, they can open lists in the record and edit transit date.


Casting a horoscope chart. –

To begin carting a horoscope chart, press the button number 3 on lower right-hand side under pencil icon or “ผูกดวง“ name (see pic3).

It will bring you on input screen to set birthdate and birth time of the native and date/time for transiting period (positions of transit planets). The two set of data will have the same input (see pic8).

After fill in all information and press “ตกลง (OK)” button, the application will go back to the main screen and display all planet positions.


However, before pressing OK button, user must complete information by the follows.

1.) Select date by pressing “วันที่ (Date)” cell, the application will display numeric screen. Entry two digit of birthdate and then press “ตกลง (OK)” button (see pic9). Then, the application will return to main screen.


2.) Select month by pressing “เดือน (Month)” cell, the application will display text screen for each month. After pressing selected month icon, the application will return to main screen (see pic10).

                        Pic 10.

3.) Select year by pressing four digits of  “ปีพุทธศักราช“ – or Buddhist calendar

** for a person who use Gregorian calendar, must add 543 with Gregorian year in order to convert into Buddhist year before entry (see pic11).

After pressing “ตกลง (OK)”, the application will return to main screen for entering transiting period. Repeat the same process above instruction.

** By default, the application will fill in current date or time. There is no need the change information if user does not want to set transiting period.

After completing all processes and press “ตกลง (OK)” button, the application will return to main screen and display horoscope chart with all information.

To save information for later use, press the number 4 button under “บันทึก“name, green diskette icon (see pic3). The application will display a new screen for recording name and surname of the native.

Buttons for other functions. –

By pressing the following button:

Button number 5 “รายชื่อ”    on lower left corner in pink icon will list all names recored in database. Select any name to display the horoscope chart and all information of the selected name.

Button number 6 “โปรไฟล์ดวงนี้”    on lower right corner in orange icon will display a horoscope chart with more details on ASC and quality of planets.

Upper row will provide “ความหมายดาว” button to display planetary pairs.

Button number 7     in blue icon will toggle display among various screen including zodiac-transit ASC-KalaChakra and so on, most of which are used in conventional Thai astrology). Texts on this icon will change according to type of displayed information.

In my subject, I use only zodiac mode.

To cast horoscope chart in zodiac type, just press this button repeatly until the icon change name into “ลั”. Then, “ลัคนาจร” text will appear on lower screen and the center of the horoscope chart will display two numbers such as 14/17     which represent degree/minute of the Sun on that chart. While other type will display other texts.

Button number 8     will toggle display among various types of planet qualities and relationship between planets (no use).

Button number 9    on the upper left-hand side will toggle display among zodiac-house-transit planet in zone B (outer the circle of chart).

The button   with star icon and “จร” text under the button will display zodiac name in Thai.

After pressing this buttoon, the icon will change in to house icon with “ภพ” text under the button   will display house name in Thai outer the circle.

After pressing this buttoon, the screen  will display transit planets in arabic number outer the circle.

** In this mode, use slide bar in zone C  to change  positions of transiting planets according to selected date (upper bar) and month (lower bar).

After pressing this buttoon, the icon will change into couple-fishs with “ราศี” below the icon.  The screen  will display house name outer the circle.

Button number 10    on the upper right-hand side will toggle display among various qualities of planets including Tanu-Sed, Domicile, Exaltation, Maha Chakra, etc.

-The banknote icon  with “เกษตร” text below the button and the screen display “ตนุเศษ” text  (number 11) is Tanu-Sed mode. The screen will display “*” sign above a planet which represents Tanu-Sed (use this as the main screen).

After pressing this buttoon, the icon will change into coin (with star on the center) with “มหาอุจจ์” below the icon.  The screen  will display read color for the planet that is demicile. If none of them is domicile, there will be no red color planet and the screen will display “เกษตร ไม่มี”  (number 11).

Button number 12    on the most upper left-hand side will toggle display the table of all information of planets including zodiac, house, etc. There is strip to toggle between natal and transit planets.

Thai Numerical Symbols for planets : (Arabic)

( 1 ),   ( 2 )  , ( 3 ) , ( 4 ) ,   ( 5 )

  ( 6 ) , ( 7 ) , ( 8 ) , ( 9 ) , 0 ( 0 )

          It is recommended to photograph, copy or write them down on a paper to use it along with the studies of this subject in every step. (**Convert Thai numeric to Arabic numeric first. **)

(Translated and edited by Sittidath Prasertrungruang,


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