About this website

I own this website.

I create this website myself without any team or supporter. I start from nothing by learning from various websites and YouTube on how to make it.

I buy a domain name, rent a hosting, build whole web pages, create all posts and images, buy a plug-in (using a free theme).

For making contents, I copy contents from my own English version textbook that I hire translator to translate from my Thai original book. I edit and then post on the website.

After completing the textbook, I hire translators to translate additional parts for case studies with gradually addition as appear on present website.

I earn no income from this website, just being reference site for selling my paperback, hardcover and ePub version on amazon.com and eBooks version on mebmarket.com and ookbee.com with little sales.

Therefore, improvement and development of this website should limit. The web site might not be able to promote or service visitors perfectly. But this does not discourage me from doing so.

My true purpose is to disseminate Thai astrology in a logical way with clear information the readers can prove by themselves without any restrictions to race, religion, location, and time.

I hope my Astrological principles can by accepted by international standard and recognition.

I hope that visitors will understand my intention and support my activity one way or another. For me, I will continue in the same way without giving up.

Thank you. Your sincerely,

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