I made another revision to my Thai astrology book “Astrology Thai Logical Style” on September 8, 2022.

       I change the topic title from “Topic” to “Chapter”. I also add one chapter for a case study and cut some unnecessary details to control the size and thickness of the printed edition (English version) both paperback and hard cover.

 According to the terms of, the maximum pages of this type of book (size 6 x 9 inches) is limited to 500 pages. My edited version will also result in 500 pages (including the table of contents).

        With revision to my original English version, it is necessary to edit books in eBook / ePub format, both English and Thai versions sold at and

        Therefore, I inform and apologize those who have bought my books in any formats before.  I think it is necessary to provide the best to the reader or the owner of my book even small change which cannot be made into a new edition or a new version.

   With my apology.


A-651026 – To be informed

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