Website objectives

Main Website Objectives.

This website is my personal website.

To publish “Astrology Thai Logical Style” which is my own way of study.

It is my 20 years of experience with principles and way of study from 2 highly experienced astrological masters.

It also includes textbook studies and from observations of many people’s lives. It has been thoroughly analyzed and filtered.

Then, I conclude it to be a new way of study called “Logical Style”, it is straightforward, (but also profound and complex.)

The information which is inconclusive, will not be mentioned.

_To publish my own electronic book (e-book)

My english textbook ( ( Click Here !!)

Other Objectives

_To publish my own electronic book (e-book) which has been further edited from the aforementioned one. They are currently sold on 2 websites (Thai version).

_In this website, I shall put in a content of that english version for every word through the whole book including questions and answers.

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